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Publishing this July: Building Capitalism from Routledge Revivals

First published in 1992, this Routledge Revival sees the reissue of a truly original exploration of the nature of urbanization and capitalism.

First published in 1992 Linda Clarke’s Building Capitalism: Historical Change and the Labour Process in the Production of the Built Environment continues to provide an exemplary study of the social relations and labor processes involved in producing the built environment. Through the case study of the development of Somers Town from Brill Farm from the end of the eighteenth to the early nineteenth centuries, we discover how the built environment of London reflects the change from artisan to industrial production, from the craftsman-builder to the contractor, and, in particular the development of wage labor.

This conception of urbanisation as a social labor process engaged in production is fundamentally different from the more usual physically-based view of the city as a conglomeration of built products. Drawing on a wide range of original material, including maps and other illustrations, we discover how the activity - including the production of building materials and infrastructure - which produced the world’s first metropolis, illustrates the transition from a feudal to a capitalist mode of building production.

Editor Linda Clarke will shortly be appearing at LONDONICITY 2011 to promote the reissue of this book.

Building Capitalism is due to publish on the 30th of July. Order your copy today!

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