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Regenerating the Curriculum

'This book should be indispensable, a book to possess.’- A M A

Originally published in 1978, Regenerating the Curriculum, by Maurice Holt, has recently been reissued as part of the Routledge Library Editions: Education collection, a 244-Volume collection which covers essential issues of the educational landscape.

Regenerating the Curriculum was published two years after future Labour prime minister, James Callaghan, called for a ‘great debate’ on education, which ultimately led to fundamental changes in UK education, including greater involvement of the government in state education and the founding of the national curriculum.

The ‘great debate’ highlighted the need to bring greater coherence to the secondary curriculum but, Holt argued, to be effective a new curriculum design had to be implemented, and the process of planned educational change understood. Regenerating the Curriculum traces the social and political climate which led to a rejection of piecemeal change, and examines the implications of school-based development of the whole curriculum for national projects, for in-service training, and for the management of change processes in the school. It considers the need for new professional styles for head and teacher, and the role of external change agencies, and looks at the influence on the learning process of a unified curriculum based on a selection from the culture.

The political context of curriculum change is studied at national, regional and local levels along with the emergent concept of accountability and its implication for authority structures in education. This book sets out the possible patterns of change in schools, local authorities and national policies, and suggests a number of strategies for regenerating the curriculum in the climate of evaluation and innovation that lies ahead.

Below, the book’s author, Maurice Holt, tells us why the reissue is as relevant now as it was in the 1970s:

'I wrote Regenerating the Curriculum in 1978, when comprehensive schools, including all those approved by Mrs Thatcher as minister for education in 1970, were developing new curriculum approaches. ... Local authorities were keen to help teachers enrich the curriculum, rethinking its structure to meet students' needs and teachers' aspirations. Regenerating the Curriculum outlined strategies for change, at a time when the focus of change was the school itself. As 1980 dawned, however, so did a profoundly centralist approach: politicians dictated the curriculum, tests and inspections enforced central policies, and teacher morale declined. But now, at last, change is in the air: the defects of this approach are becoming evident, and schools are again able to influence teaching and learning. The curriculum can indeed be regenerated.’

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