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Renewable Energy Resources Collection from T&F eBooks

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The Renewable Energy Resources eBook Collection offers a selection of 15 key titles for professionals and students specializing in renewable energy resources, examining areas such as renewable energy, resource management, geothermal energy, bioenergy, energy efficiency and sustainable engineering & manufacturing.

The Biomass Assessment Handbook provides the reader with the skills to understand the biomass resource base, the tools to assess the resource, and explores the pros and cons of exploitation.

Renewable Energy Resources considers the unchanging principles of renewable energy technologies alongside modern application and case studies.

The Pellet Handbook is the first comprehensive guide in English language covering all pellet related issues from stoves and central heating systems up to large-scale plants. Other titles include Biomass Assessment, Biofuels for Transport, Renewable Energy - The Facts and Sustainable Resource Use.

This interdisciplinary collection includes essential texts for professionals and academics interested in energy research, policy, technology and the importance of impending global energy targets.

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