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Richard III Dig Confirmation

It has been confirmed by specialists at the University of Leicester that the bones found beneath a council parking lot in Leicester are that of King Richard III.

Learn more with our biography of Richard III from the Routledge Historical Biographies series.

Villain, double-crosser, cold-hearted murderer, hero of battle, victim of history, - whatever the verdict, there is no doubting that the last king of the House of York has been portrayed through pages, plays, songs and stories in many, many ways.

For those wishing to learn a little more of this enigmatic figure, David Hipshon's Richard III by is the ideal companion to guide you through the life and times of the last of the Plantagenets.

"…this will I think now become the biography of choice on Richard and justifiably so."Richard Brown, The Historical Association

If you missed the Channel 4 documentary 'The King in the Car Park' view it here.

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