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This month sees Brazil hosting the United Nations Rio+20 conference, where leaders and decision makers from across the world will come together to make plans for the future of our planet. Building on the 1992 Rio Earth Summit, this is a significant step in global negotiations.

In 1992, Rio de Janeiro hosted the UN Conference on Environment and Development, or the Rio Earth Summit as it is more commonly known. Twenty years on, world leaders are meeting in Rio once again to re-examine the agreements that have influenced the way we treat our planet over the last two decades.

Rio+20 will prioritize seven important areas: decent jobs, energy, sustainable cities, food security and sustainable agriculture, water, oceans and disaster readiness. Tackling these issues will be essential in ensuring that we continue developing in a sustainable manner that will not compromise our planet for future generations.

Written by authors who have participated in many of the negotiating processes since the Rio Earth Summit, The Roads from Rio reflects on the achievements of the last twenty years ahead of this month's conference. It covers a range of topics, from the proliferation of meetings, to the actors involved in them. It recognises the challenges of implementing the many agreements, and gives an insight into the changes that have come about as a result of the last conference.

Examining the successes and failures of the previous agreements, this book gives the reader a good understanding of what we should expect from Rio+20. As more countries and leaders accept that we must take responsibility for the future of our planet, the importance of these negotiations should not be underestimated, despite the unwillingness of major players, such as the US and China, to participate.

For more information or to purchase your copy, follow the link below, or contact us to request a review copy.

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