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Routledge Education Author of the Month December 2012: David Stevens

David Stevens is subject tutor for the PGCE Secondary English course at Durham University School of Education, having previously taught English in four secondary comprehensive schools, in two as Head of English.

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David’s research and teaching interests center on English pedagogy, with particular emphasis on the developing nature of the subject as taught and learned in schools. In this respect, he is interested in working towards a synthesis of different – sometimes apparently opposing – views of English, focusing on its radical Romantic roots and the implications of such a conception for the contemporary world; his research and publications seek to explore this area from diverse standpoints. He counts as major influences the poetry of Blake, Coleridge and other Romantics, libertarian thinkers such as William Morris, John Dewey, Herbert Read and Paulo Freire, and the songs of Bob Dylan and Richard Thompson. Above all, David is concerned to promote a broad vision of English as an arts subject in a critically intercultural context, and has published widely in this field, including publications cited below. Current research and possible writing center upon the possibilities for teaching critical and celebratory literacy in the increasingly constrained English classroom.

In the broader context of English teaching, David is a long-standing member of the National Association for the Teaching of English (NATE), and as such chairs the NATE Committee for Initial Teacher Education – increasingly active in its promotion of this sector’s interests; he is, further, a member of the NATE National Council and management committee, and contributes at both local and national levels to the development and activities of the organization. He is also currently external examiner for the PGCE Secondary English course at the universities of Ulster and Cambridge, having previously held similar posts at several other universities, and sits on the editorial board of the influential journal English in Education.

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