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Routledge Education Author of the Month June 2010: Susan Ko

Susan Ko

Susan Ko partnered with Steve Rossen to co-author the first edition of Teaching Online: A Practical Guide in 2000. It quickly became a leading book in the growing field of online teaching and subsequent editions proved equally popular with both novice and experienced online instructors. With the third edition newly available from Routledge in March 2010, the book reflects a decade of experience and addresses the challenges and opportunities currently facing those in the field of online and blended teaching.

Susan Ko has recently embarked on a project for Routledge as editor of a new series of books, Best Practices in Online Teaching and Learning.

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"Over the past ten years, a body of experience and consensus on some best practices in online education have been established and our book attempts to guide faculty to draw on that knowledge. However, this is a dynamic field, and one of the best ways to continue improving as practitioners is through sharing and learning from the community of online instructors. Our many interviews with individual faculty and staff provide insights into the approaches, techniques and resolutions to problems faced by a broad array of online instructors. These interviews also give the reader confidence that he or she might be able to achieve a similar level of success. The rise of Web 2.0 tools and the open educational resource movement have provided new opportunities to make online education more engaging but it is not always clear how we can best integrate these new tools and content into our existing courses. Our book tries to assist instructors in sensing the instructional possibilities, exploring the capabilities, and making sound choices about how to use technology and resources to the advantage of ourselves and our students. We focus on how the individual instructor can find an approach to teaching online that fits best into the context of his or her own style, own courses, institution, and student population. In this way we have continued the practical approach we took a decade ago toward producing our first edition."

Susan Ko has been Executive Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning at University of Maryland University College (UMUC) since 2003. The Center is responsible for providing faculty development for more than 3,000 faculty worldwide, and also administers CTLA 201, Teaching with WebTycho, the 2006 Sloan Consortium award-winning online teaching training course required for all UMUC faculty teaching online.
She holds a doctorate in Chinese language and literature from Yale University and previously spent more than ten years teaching humanities, world literature, and Asian Studies in the California State University system. Her teaching experience included both traditional face-to-face programs as well as those in distance education and her work has focused on teaching adult and non-traditional student populations in particular. She has been teaching online since 1997. She later spent more than five years working in the areas of faculty training and course development in the for-profit education sector and as a consultant to develop online teaching training programs before coming to UMUC. As a result of her teaching and training experience, she has worked with thousands of faculty from all over the world.

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