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Routledge Education Author of the Month May 2010: Jean Anyon

Jean Anyon's 2008 book with Routledge, entitled Theory and Educational Research, explicates ways in which she works with doctoral students to employ critical social theory in their empirical research. The book provides models of such work, in the form of chapters written by former students.

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"My more recent scholarship includes my widely read 2005 book, Radical Possibilities, which details the influence of public policy on community and education poverty. My work has included publications that have become classics in the field – a 1979 Harvard Educational Review article on labor history; two articles from the 1980s that have been reprinted 35 times; and an influential book (Ghetto Schooling) on the historical political economy of urban school systems that was reviewed in the New York Times Sunday Book Review and sold over 26,000 copies.

Current writing involves a book for Routledge entitled Marx and Education. This volume traces the contributions of neo-Marxist scholarship to education since the late 1970s. I use my own research to provide representative examples of the ways Marx influenced a generation of U.S. education scholars. The book also discusses how neo-Marxist thought can contribute to an understanding of current and future issues in education.

Another project in which I am involved is starting an online journal with students in the Urban Education Doctoral Program of the City University of New York, where I teach. We are calling the journal Theory, Research, and Action in Urban Education. It will publish doctoral student work and notes from the field of urban schools and communities.

Awards I have received include an American Educational Research Association Division G Lifetime Achievement Award, and election to the American Educational Research Fellows group."

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