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Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy Online Featured Product

A dynamic online resource for researching, teaching and studying philosophy and related disciplines. A must for any library.

Founding Editor: Edward Craig, University of Cambridge, UK

Featuring the same distinguished editorial and contributor list and unparalleled breadth of coverage that made the 1998 print set a classic, the web version grows each year with a diverse range of new material. REP Online’s over 2,700 articles provide impeccable scholarship, covering the latest developments in philosophical enquiry as well as providing a rich grounding in the fundamental issues and a thorough history of the subject.
With its easy, intuitive user environment, designed by one of the most respected web development teams in online reference, and special resources for users at all levels, REP Online is a living, truly authoritative work that enriches the studies of academics, students, and general readers worldwide.

New articles for 2010 include:

Biology, philosophy of (signpost article):  Tim Lewens
Causation and laws in biology: Mohan Matthen
Cultural evolution:  Matteo Mameli and Kim Sterelny
Evolution and religion:  Philip Kitcher
Evolutionary developmental biology:  Ron Amundson
Evolutionary psychology:  Lawrence Shapiro
Innateness:  Matteo Mameli
Models in biology:  Jay Odenbaugh
Modern synthesis, the: Anya Plutynski
Natural kinds in biology:  Marc Ereshefsky
Natural selection and adaptation:  Tim Lewens
Units and levels of selection:  Samir Okasha
Emergence in physics:  Robert Batterman
Euler, Leonhard:  Jeremy Gray
Models in physics:  Roman Frigg
Time, direction of:  Jos Uffink
Physics, philosophy of (signpost article):  Jeremy Butterfield

Key Features

  • Powerful Search and Refine Search options
  • “Signpost” overview articles introducing the full breadth of key philosophical themes, plus an interactive Subject Guide, allowing users to scan a full list of entries concerned with a particular area, era, or school of philosophy
  • Extensive cross-references and suggestions for further reading
  • Fresh content and frequent revisions from our team of editors and subject specialists.