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  1. Politics in Organizations

    Series: SIOP Organizational Frontiers Series

    This edited volume in the SIOP Frontiers series is one of the first to look at the psychological factors behind politics and power in organizations.

    Noted contributors from schools of management, psychology, sociology and political science look at the theory , research, methodology and ethical issues related to organizational politics and climates.

  2. Social Identity in Question

    Series: Concepts for Critical Psychology

    Social Identity in Question begins by reviewing the ways in which the social identity tradition has previously been critiqued by social psychologists who view human relations as conditioned by historical context, culture and language. The author offers an alternative perspective, based upon psychoanalytic notions of subjectivity. The chapters go on to develop these discussions.

  3. Personal Relationships

    Series: SIOP Organizational Frontiers Series

    We know that positive, fulfilling, and satisfying relationships are strong predictors of life satisfaction, psychological health, and physical well-being.

    This edited volume uses research and theory on the need to belong as a foundation to explore various types of relationships, with an emphasis on the influence of these relationships on employee attitudes, behaviors and well-being. The study of relationships spans many sub-areas within I/O Psychology and Social Psychology, including leadership, supervision, mentoring, work-related social support, work teams, bullying/interpersonal deviance and the work/non work interface.

  4. Business Psychology and Organizational Behaviour, 5th Edition

    Now in full color, the fifth edition of this best-selling textbook introduces all of the major theories, research findings, principles and concepts in business psychology and organizational behavior, whilst emphasising their real-life application using relevant examples.

    The fifth edition has an improved structure and style of presentation, and has been revised and updated with new and expanded material including coverage of recent debates in occupational psychology; investor psychology or behavioural finance; cognitive evaluation theory; employee engagement and positive psychology; corporate memories in culture; storytelling and social media; technostress and environmental influences on stress; and emergent trends in selection.

    This is an essential textbook for undergraduates and postgraduates studying psychology and organizational behavior; it is also a rich source of information for practitioners in organizations.

  5. The Student’s Guide to Cognitive Neuroscience, 2nd Edition

    A new, thoroughly-updated edition of Jamie Ward's best-selling textbook

    Reflecting recent changes in the way cognition and the brain are studied, this thoroughly updated edition of the best-selling textbook provides a comprehensive and student-friendly guide to cognitive neuroscience. Jamie Ward provides an easy-to-follow introduction to neural structure and function, as well as all the key methods and procedures of cognitive neuroscience, with a view to helping students understand how they can be used to shed light on the neural basis of cognition.

  6. Using a Positive Lens to Explore Social Change and Organizations

    How can application of a positive lens to understanding social change and organizations enrich and elaborate theory and practice?

    This is the core question that inspired this book. It is a question that brought together a diverse and talented group of researchers interested in change and organizations in different problem domains (sustainability, healthcare, poverty alleviation and education).

    This edited volume will be of interest to an international community seeking to understand how organizations and people can generate positive outcomes for society. Students and researchers in organizational behavior, management, positive psychology, leadership and corporate responsibility will find this book of interest.

  7. Planet Sport

    Series: Shortcuts

    Sport generates some of the most intense feelings and levels of commitment. It is big business globaly, but also the source of the most powerful personal identifications and individual and collective pleasures. Sporting events are routine and embodied, whether in the gym, on the field or at the training ground, and they are also spectacular, for example in mega events at the stadium or, for followers at a distance, through the media of television, radio and the Internet. Large numbers of people are caught up in personal and collective investment and public engagement with sport. Why does it matter so much?

  8. PUBLISHING IN JUNE: Routledge Library Editions: Women, Feminism and Literature

    June marks the publication month of our eagerly awaited collection: Routledge Library Edition: Women, Feminism and Literature.


  9. Rio+20

    This month sees Brazil hosting the United Nations Rio+20 conference, where leaders and decision makers from across the world will come together to make plans for the future of our planet. Building on the 1992 Rio Earth Summit, this is a significant step in global negotiations.

  10. Art Therapy and Learning Disabilities

    In this book Stephanie Bull and Kevin O’Farrell bring together practising clinicians who provide an insight into using contemporary art therapy with people with learning disabilities.

    The authentic voice of people who have learning disabilities is central to the book, and case examples, snapshots of thoughts, dialog, photographs and artwork are included to ensure that the subjects' voices are heard.

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