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Articles, News, Promotions and Updates from Routledge and the Taylor & Francis Group.

Recent Articles

  1. November Focus: History and Philosophy of Education

  2. New Research and Scholarly Titles: November 2012

    Routledge Education are pleased to bring you details of our new research and scholarly titles publishing this month. This month’s selection includes titles in the following subject areas: Sociology of Education, Philosophy of Education, Research Methods in Education and much more!

    To find out more information about all of our Education titles, please browse our online catalogs here.

  3. How the Law Works

    A Legal Doomsday Book?

    Mike Semple Pigott is the founder of the BPP Law School and runs the highly popular Charon QC blog. He has just started a tour of the UK where he will talk to as many people as possible about the legal system in the UK to create a 'legal doomsday' book. Routledge author Gary Slapper is one of the 'roving reporters' for the tour. With voxpops, podcasts, analysis of the legal events of the day and commentary on the changing legal landscape it promises to be a fascinating and important journey. You can follow it here.

  4. World Energy Day

    World Energy Day was declared this year and is to be celebrated annually on October 22nd. In recognition of its importance we have put together a special web page featuring a list of some of our most relevant books.

  5. Family-Centered Treatment With Struggling Young Adults

    Family-Centered Treatment With Struggling Young Adults is an indispensible guidebook to the unique set of problems and opportunities that families face when young adults are experiencing difficulty pulling anchor and setting sail. Renowned clinician Brad Sachs, PhD, provides both a conceptual framework for understanding the reasons behind the increasing number of young adults who are unable to achieve psychological and financial self-reliance and a treatment framework that will enable practitioners to help these young adults and their families to get unstuck and experience age/stage-appropriate growth and development.

  6. Ian McEwan fan?

    Ian McEwan's latest novel Sweet Tooth is set in Britain in 1972, when the country is facing economic disaster, and widespread industrial unrest. The main character, Serena Frome, is sent on a secret mission and must maintain an undercover life. But have you ever wondered how McEwan creates such a convincing and detailed fictional world?

  7. The Scene of the Mass Crime

    New Research Books Publishing in November

    We have a bumper crop of new legal research books publishing across a number of different subjects in November. New to the Discourses of Law series is The Scene of the Mass Crime, edited by Christian Delage and Peter Goodrich, takes up the unwritten history of the peculiar yet highly visible form of war crimes trials. Foreign Direct Investment and Human Development edited by Olivier De Schutter, Johan Swinnen and Jan Wouters islocated at the intersection of development economics, international investment law, and international human rights is written in an accessible language, and should attract the attention of anyone who cares about the role of private investment in supporting the efforts of poor countries to climb up the development ladder. Read on for more information about the 16 new research books publishing in November.

  8. Terrifying titles from Routledge

    We’re getting into the Halloween spirit and bringing you all the details on some of our more hair-raising books, old and new. Read on, if you dare...

  9. Fundamentals of Developmental Psychology: Second Edition

    This new edition of the highly successful Fundamentals of Development: The Psychology of Childhood has been thoroughly revised and updated to reflect the exciting new findings in the thriving area of developmental psychology. As in the previous edition, the book follows a thematic approach and outlines the main areas of developmental psychology, including classic theories and studies, and offers a broad overview of contemporary research in the field.

  10. Visual Perception: An Introduction: Third Edition

    Vision is our most dominant sense. From the light that enters our eyes to the complex cognitive processes that follow, we derive most of our information about what things are, where they are, and how they move from our vision.

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