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Recent Articles

  1. Media Today 5

    Media Today 5 - Recommended by the Times Higher Education Supplement

    The new edition of Media Today, by Joseph Turow, is highlighted  as ‘cutting-edge’ in the Times Higher Education media and films studies textbook review.

  2. Physical Education 5-11

    Improving Learning with Physical Education

    What is the importance of PE in the school curriculum? What does a 'good PE lesson' look like?

    Physical Education is proven to have a positive impact upon learning in schools for both primary and secondary school children. It encourages motivation, good sportsmanship, and the advantages of working as a team: all important skills that can be transferred across the curriculum to further achievement and improve performance in other subjects.

    But how do you make the most of a PE lesson in order to reap these benefits, and how, at a time of increasing childhood obesity rates, can you engage pupils with sport? At Routledge Education we have published a number of Physical Education titles that address these questions and more, whatever the age and ability of the children in your class. Read more

  3. Outdoor Learning through the Seasons

    Books for Outdoor Learning

    Outdoor learning is an integral part of a child's development process, where the natural world can enhance experience and awareness. Routledge Education is at the forefront of publishing professional, illustrated books that can cater for teachers and early years specialists-making outdoor learning accessible all year round. Take a look!

  4. Overcoming Masculine Depression

    Support Men’s Mental Health for Movember

    Use code MOV13 at checkout to get 20% off your purchase!

  5. New Approaches in Reasoning Research

    Reasoning research has long been associated with paper and pencil tasks in which peoples’ reasoning skills are judged against established normative conventions. However, there has been a recent revolution in the range of techniques, empirical methods and paradigms used to examine reasoning behavior. New Approaches in Reasoning Research brings to the fore these new pioneering research methods and empirical findings.

  6. emerging asian city

    Engaging the Asian City: Engaging Which Asian City by Jeff Hou

    Engaging the Asian City: Alternative Approaches to Urban Theory, Pedagogy, and Practice

    Engaging Which Asian City by Jeff Hou - Associate Professor & Chair of Landscape Architecture, University of Washington, Seattle. Click here to watch the presentation at USC Price.

  7. Congratulations to HaydĂ©e Faimberg, Ronald Britton and Neville Symington

    Recipients of the 2013 Sigourney Award!

    Routledge would like to congratulate this years winners of the Sigourney Award and to celebrate we are offering a 20% discount on their books.To claim the discount please apply the code SIGPSY13 to your shopping cart.

  8. Textbooks for the New Year

    Are you running a landscape course in the new year? Looking for a textbook? We’ve got some brand new titles which have just released or are coming out at the start of the year – have a look and see which suit you. Don’t forget, if you are looking to adopt a book you can get an inspection copy – just contact for more information.

  9. Coming Soon in 2014…

    At the start of 2014 we’re releasing two new titles for professional landscape architects and designers – The Skycourt and Skygardens and Green Infrastructure for Landscape Planning. Both available for pre-order now.

  10. Rod Barnett Gives Annual Olmsted Lecture at Harvard GSD

    This year author Rod Barnett (Emergence in Landscape Architecture, 2013) gave the annual Olmsted lecture at Harvard GSD. If you didn’t attend, the whole lecture is available on YouTube now. Rod discusses the main topic of the book, emergence, and in the lecture his focus is on non-linear landscapes in particular.

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