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Recent Articles

  1. Sex/Gender: Biology in a Social World

    By Anne Fausto-Sterling

    presents a relatively new way to think about how biological difference can be produced over time in response to different environmental and social experiences.

    This book gives a clearly written explanation of the biological and cultural underpinnings of gender. Anne Fausto-Sterling provides an introduction to the biochemistry, neurobiology, and social construction of gender with expertise and humor in a style accessible to a wide variety of readers. In addition to the basics, Sex/Gender ponders the moral, ethical, social and political side to this inescapable subject. Read more...

  2. Earthscan from Routledge September Highlights

    With so many great titles publishing this month it has been impossible to give them all the justice they deserve in our September newsletter, so to be sure you don't miss out you can find them all here.

  3. Homa Katouzian

    “The limits to our knowledge are revealed by the extent of our ignorance” - Homa Katouzian

    In the light of prolific author Homa Katouzian recently being awarded a SINA award for his contribution to humanities, this month we want to celebrate our cutting-edge Iranian Studies series, edited by Dr Katouzian himself. Since 1967 the International Society for Iranian Studies (ISIS) has been a leading learned society for the advancement of new approaches in the study of Iranian society, history, culture, and literature. The ISIS Iranian Studies series provides a venue for the publication of original and innovative scholarly works in all areas of Iranian and Persianate Studies. To find out more, why not take a look at the series?

  4. Celebrate World Water Week with Routledge

    With World Water Week underway, we have put together a selection of our bestselling and upcoming titles relevant to the themes being discussed.

  5. Improved functionality on Taylor & Francis eBooks: access our content more quickly!

    In response to customer feedback, we have introduced improved functionality to our eBooks platform, found at, markedly increasing the speed and ease-of-access to eBook content. Find out how this new functionality will greatly enhance your experience of Routledge eBooks. Learn more here.

  6. Congratulations to Professor Andy Young

    Professor Andy Young has won the British Psychological Society Lifetime Achievement Award for Distinguished Contributions to Psychological Knowledge for 2013.

  7. The Coach’s Mind Manual

    The Coach’s Mind Manual combines the latest findings from neuroscience, psychology, and mindfulness research to provide an accessible framework to help coaches and leadership development specialists improve their awareness of the mind, enhancing their coaching practice. Syed Azmatullah explains how such knowledge can be used to guide clients on a journey of self-discovery, facilitating transformational changes and enriching their performance and personal lives.

  8. Higher Education and Sustainable Development

    Responding to the global and unprecedented challenge of capacity building for twenty-first century life, this book is a practical guide for tertiary education institutions to quickly and effectively renew the curriculum towards education for sustainable development.

  9. Women, Livestock Ownership and Markets

    This book provides empirical evidence from Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique and from different production systems of the importance of livestock as an asset to women and their participation in livestock and livestock product markets.

    For a full list of these titles publishing in October, please refer here.

  10. Publish and Prosper

    Intended to help readers succeed in academia by increasing their scholarly productivity, this book provides strategies for getting articles published quickly in reputable research journals. Rather than focusing on the basics of writing about results, this unique guidebook provides tips on how to approach research, maintain motivation, maximize productivity, and overcome common pitfalls so as to become productive scholars. The strategies reviewed will help readers successfully navigate through graduate school, get a good job, receive grants and promotions, and make important contributions to their field. 

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