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Articles, News, Promotions and Updates from Routledge and the Taylor & Francis Group.

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  1. Free-to-view series compilations from Routledge

    We are pleased to bring you a selection of chapter compilations from our key book series.

    Each compilation features a number of chapters from different titles within the series. The compilations give you an idea of the content and scope of the book series.

    All of these compilations are free for you to view online. Just click on the links below to take a look inside!

  2. ‘Politics in Emotion’ Giveaway!

    Routledge Politics and International Relations are giving away a copy of Politics in Emotion to one lucky winner!

    Read on to find out more.   

  3. ‘The European Union and Military Conflict Management’ Giveaway!

    Routledge Military, Security and Strategic Studies are giving away a copy of The European Union and Military Conflict Management to one lucky winner!

    Read on to find out more.   

  4. Get Insight into the Field of Sociolegal Studies

    Get the free ebook Law and Society: A Routledge Sampler, brought to you by Routledge Law and featuring hand-picked content from some of our leading titles.

  5. Designing a Post-Petroleum World

    This innovative new title showcases design strategies that reduce petroleum use. 

  6. “Sustainable” Fish Consumption

    Lisa Kemmerer, editor of Animals and the Environment, discusses the environmental impacts of overfishing. 

  7. Q&A with David Chappell, Author of Construction Contracts: Questions and Answers, 3rd Edition

    David Chappell, author of Construction Contracts: Questions and Answers, 3rd Edition, discusses what's new in his recently published edition and the experiences that led him to write the book.

  8. NEW: Routledge Featured Authors Page

    Have you seen our new Featured Authors Page?... Read more... 

  9. Interview with Caroline O’Donnell, Author of “Niche Tactics”

    Caroline O'Donnell, author of Niche Tactics, discusses her new book and what she hopes readers will take away from it.

  10. Trauma in Schools and Communities

    NEW    Trauma in Schools and Communities uses the power of first-hand, autobiographical narratives to illustrate the advantages and pitfalls of specific interventions implemented in the wake of tragedies.

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