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Routledge Online Studies on the Olympic and Paralympic Games (ROSO)

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A unique platform publishing scholarly research, stimulating new knowledge and supporting the learning legacy of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

What makes Olympic and Paralympic research relevant and interesting is the quality of the connections that researchers, students, authors, educators, policy-makers and professionals make with each other. Routledge Online Studies on the Olympic and Paralympic Games (ROSO) will facilitate this dialog.

ROSO contains Olympic and Paralympic content from over 1,000 book chapters and journal articles including Handbooks and major reference works on themes including the media, education, gender, politics, governance, management, law, business, ethics, legacies, the environment, disability sport, athletic performance and history. Routledge has commissioned over 40 new journal special issues across disciplines on Olympic and Paralympic Studies that will be revealed on our innovative platform.

  • read a selection of articles and chapters online free of charge
  • purchase online access to individual articles of your choice
  • search the platform by theme, author or publication
  • download reading lists, case studies and teaching materials
  • watch videos of academics sharing their thoughts on the Olympic and Paralympic Games
  • find research collaborators on our Resources page
  • communicate live with leading authorities in the field – coming soon
  • submit online journal articles, journal proposals, book reviews and book proposals
  • discover Olympic and Paralympic courses, projects, events and contacts around the world
  • enter a free monthly prize draw

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  1. The Making of Olympic Cities

    Edited by John R. Gold, Margaret M. Gold

    Series: Critical Concepts in Urban Studies

    In the first forty or so years following its revival at the end of the nineteenth century, the burdens placed on cities hosting a modern Olympic Games were relatively modest. However, as the Games have grown in size and stature, morphing from a small-scale summer festival into an intensively...

    Published June 19th 2012 by Routledge

  2. The Politics of the Olympics

    A Survey

    Edited by Alan Bairner, Gyozo Molnar

    Series: Europa Politics of ... series

    The Politics of the Olympics: A Survey provides information on and analysis of the relationship between politics and the Olympic Games. It is argued and demonstrated throughout the book that sport and politics have been and are intimately connected and nowhere is this relationship more...

    Published April 22nd 2010 by Routledge