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Sensitive topic of ethnic conflict is dissected, quantified and qualified in new 2011 Dictionary

Dictionary of Ethnic Conflict Jacket

Objectivity is difficult when it comes to documenting ethnic conflict. Ethnically-motivated conflicts have blighted the history of all continents with their bloodiness and savagery, and are guaranteed to stir up strong emotions even in the most distant onlooker. Rajat Ganguly, Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Studies at Murdoch University in Australia, has taken on a difficult task by producing a Dictionary that defines, qualifies and quantifies the key elements and phenomena of ethnic conflict. Read on for further details.

Dr. Rajat Ganguly has written widely on ethnic conflict, and on South Asian politics and security in particular. A Dictionary of Ethnic Conflict is unique among his works in that it succeeds in actually defining and qualifying the key terms and concepts relating to ethnic conflict, and places these in their correct historical and political context. Containing approximately 500 entries, this detailed Dictionary gives authoritative and up-to-date information on ethnic groups involved in conflict, ethnic hotspots, irredentist claims, secessionist movements, as well as major peace accords. One particularly useful feature of the Dictionary for anyone studying or researching ethnic conflict is a directory of the international and national organizations that have played an intervening and/or peace-keeping role in ethnic disputes, listing contact details, internet and e-mail addresses.

A Dictionary of Ethnic Conflict will be published in December 2011. It will be of interest to anyone studying international politics, international relations and military history, and will be a useful addition to library reference shelves. You can learn more about the book on its own dedicated web page and can also recommend it to your Librarian if you are an academic or student.

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