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Recent Articles

  1. Handbook of Thanatology

    If ever there was an area requiring that the research-practice gap be bridged, surely it occurs where thanatologists engage with people dealing with human mortality and loss. The field of thanatology—the study of death and dying—is a complex, multidisciplinary area that encompases the range of human experiences, emotions, expectations, and realities. The Handbook of Thanatology is the most authoritative volume in the field, providing a single source of up-to-date scholarship, research, and practice implications.

  2. The Bilingual Counselor’s Guide to Spanish

    Designed specifically with mental health professionals in mind, The Bilingual Counselor’s Guide to Spanish is perfect for counselors interested in expanding their client base and language skill set. Featuring terminology and cultural phrases specific to the mental health profession, this text offers an easy introduction to both the Spanish language and interfacing with Spanish-speaking clients in a counseling setting. 

  3. A New Understanding of ADHD in Children and Adults

    For over 100 years, ADHD has been seen as essentially a behavior disorder. Recent scientific research has developed a new paradigm which recognizes ADHD as a developmental disorder of the cognitive management system of the brain, its executive functions. This cutting-edge book pulls together key ideas of this new understanding of ADHD, explaining them and describing in understandable language scientific research that supports this new model. 

  4. Community Architecture (Routledge Revivals)

    Charles Knevitt and Nick Wates talk about the reissue of ‘Community Architecture’

    Co-authors Charles Knevitt and Nick Wates discuss the evolving impact of their iconic work, Community Architecture.

  5. Paperbacks Direct catalog

    Bestselling titles now available in paperback

    Paperbacks Direct are topical books that represent the best of our cutting-edge hardback publishing in a paperback format and price. Check out which of our Paperbacks Direct are publishing this month.

  6. Author Care Resources

    There are a number of resources that have been created for you which you may find useful in writing and promoting your book. The following documents are provided here:

  7. Enter the Routledge/ALT Teaching Law with Technology Prize 2014

    Innovation in Teaching and Learning

    Routledge and the Association of Law Teachers are delighted to offer the The Routledge/ALT Teaching Law with Technology Prize in order to recognize, reward and champion innovation in teaching and learning. The competition is open to all law teachers in the UK, including those in higher education, further education, the schools sector and private institutions.

    The £1500 prize is awarded annually as part of the ALT conference, at the main conference dinner.

  8. Sport and Physical Education

  9. Author Appearance - Geoff Eley at GHIL’s Ethics of Seeing Conference

    Geoff Eley, author of Nazism as Fascism, will be taking part in the German Historical Institute London's upcoming Ethics of Seeing conference.

  10. Reclaiming Archaeology

    The time is ripe for archaeologists to address a wider audience and engage in theoretical debates from a position of equality, not of subalternity. Reclaiming Archaeology explores how archaeology can be useful to rethink modernity’s big issues, and more specifically late modernity (broadly understood as the 20th and 21st centuries). It includes essays from a diverse array of archaeologists who have dealed in one way or another with modernity, including scholars from non-Anglophone countries who have approached the issue in original ways during recent years, as well as contributors from other fields who engage in a creative dialog with archaeology and the work of archaeologists.

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