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  1. Waterfront Regeneration

    Waterfront regeneration and development represents a unique opportunity to spatially and visually alter cities worldwide. However, its multi-faceted nature entails city-building with all its complexity including the full range of organizations involved and how they interact.

  2. Leading the Sustainable OrganizationDevelopment, Implementation and Assessment

    This book is the first to combine the much talked about topics of leadership and sustainability, and provides readers with a comprehensive overview and pragmatic approach to leading sustainable organizations.

  3. Responsive Environments wins Lifetime Achievement Award

    On Wednesday 15th February 2012, Routledge attended the Urban Design Group (UDG) Awards in London, held at the prestigious 61 Whitehall in London. Routledge were very proud to be one of the sponsers for this event, with awards presented for Best Student, Best Public Sector Project, Best Publisher, Best Practice and Lifetime Achievement. We are delighted to announce that Responsive Environments was awarded this year's Lifetime Achievement Award, presented by the Chair of the Urban Design Group, Amanda Reynolds, and our congratulations go to the authors, Alan Alcock, Paul Murrain, Sue McGlynn and Graham Smith, and editor Ian Bently.

  4. Bioenergy for Sustainable Development and International Competitiveness

    Growing concerns about the impacts of climate change and dependence on fossil fuels have intensified interest in bioenergy from sugar cane and other crops, highlighting important links between energy, environment and development goals.

  5. How Local Resilience Creates Sustainable Societies

    A taboo-shattering book, How Local Resilience Creates Sustainable Societies sets out how visionary national and local leaders can transform unsustainable societies as they attempt to recover from an age of austerity.

  6. Designing for Zero Waste

    is a timely, topical and necessary publication. Materials and resources are being depleted at an accelerating speed and rising consumption trends across the globe have placed material efficiency, waste reduction and recycling at the center of many government policy agendas, giving them an unprecedented urgency.

  7. Zero-carbon Homes by Joanna Williams

    This book explores the diverse approaches that are being adopted around the world to deliver zero carbon homes and the different societal systems and geographic circumstances in which they have developed. It postulates a roadmap for delivering zero carbon homes, together with a toolbox approach for policy and practice to suit particular national and local circumstances.

  8. Food Systems Failure

    This book provides a critical assessment of the contemporary global food system in light of the heightening food crisis, as evidence of its failure to achieve food security for the world's population.

  9. Climate Change Mitigation and Agriculture

    This book reviews the state of agricultural climate change mitigation globaly, with a focus on identifying the feasibility, opportunities and challenges for achieving mitigation among smallholder farmers

  10. The Sustainable Self by Paul Murray

    This is the perfect resource for lecturers, trainers, students and professionals of any discipline who need to teach or learn about sustainability.

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