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Recent Articles

  1. Paul Lubin

    A collection of Articles from ‘Protecting Main Street’ author Paul Lubin

    Attached are some articles and a paper that Paul Lubin has published which describe how market research in financial services can be used to limit risk, verify compliance with the law and ensure fair and equitable consumer treatment.

    Just follow the links below to view the articles.

     For more information or to order a copy of Paul Lubin's book 'Protecting Main Street' then Click here

  2. Featured Book: Attachment in Sport, Exercise and Wellness

    In this book, author Sam Carr explains how attachment theory can help us to better understand well-established themes and processes in sport and exercise, including motivation, social relationships, cognitive models of coping, and group processes.

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  3. Featured Book: Paediatric Biomechanics and Motor Control

    This edited collection is the first to focus on biomechanical aspects of child development.

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  4. Featured Book: Understanding the Olympics

    Understanding the Olympics explores the full social, cultural, political, historical and economic context to the Olympic Games

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  5. Featured Book: Sports Publicity

    In Sports Publicity, Joe Favorito, former Vice President of Public Relations for the New York Knicks, uses his professional experience to gives a practical overview of all aspects of sports publicity.

  6. Featured Book: Towards Sustainable Rural Regions in Europe

    This book confronts an important contemporary policy issue: how best to ensure that an agricultural policy can contribute to regions' development.

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  7. Zygmunt Bauman

    Documentary on Zygmunt Bauman

    A new documentary film is being made about sociologist Zygmunt Bauman!

  8. Featured Book: Indigeneity in the Courtroom

    New in paperback!

    Indigeneity in the Courtroom focuses on the legal deployment of indigenous difference in US and Canadian courts in the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

  9. Featured Book: Women and Heroin Addiction in China’s Changing Society

    Using intensive interviews with 131 female heroin users, Huan Gao explores the careers of these women in China under the changing social contexts of the reform era.

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  10. Crime, Policy and the Media, Book of the Month, February 2012

    Crime, Policy and the Media is the first text to map the impact the media has on criminal justice policy.

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