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  1. Measuring Wellbeing: Towards Sustainability?

    Improving wellbeing and sustainability are central goals of government, but are they in conflict? This book reviews that question and its implications for public policy through a focus on indicators. It highlights tensions between various constructs of wellbeing and sustainable development, and between current individual and societal notions of wellbeing.

  2. Human Health and Ecological Integrity

    The connection between environment and health has been well studied and documented, particularly by the World Health Organization. It is now being included in some legal instruments, although for the most part caselaw does not explicitly make that connection.

  3. Ecological Restoration and Environmental Change

    What is a natural habitat? Who can define what is natural when species and ecosystems constantly change over time, with or without human intervention? When a polluted river or degraded landscape is restored from its damaged state, what is the appropriate outcome? With climate change now threatening greater disruption to the stability of ecosystems, how should restoration ecologists respond?

  4. Conservation and Sustainable Development Linking Practice and Policy in Eastern Africa

    The links between policy and practice in natural resource management are oftentimes depicted as a cyclical and rational process. In reality, policy making and implementation are oftentimes irrational, unpredictable and highly political. Many science and knowledge-based institutions undertake rigorous research with the aim of influencing policy, but oftentimes their influence is much less than intended. Understanding who influences policy at different levels and how is crucial to ensure that science is deployed most effectively to have an influence on conservation and natural resource management.

  5. Livelihoods, Natural Resources, and Post-conflict Peacebuilding

    Sustaining and strengthening local livelihoods is one of the most fundamental challenges faced by post-conflict countries. By degrading the natural resources that are essential to livelihoods and by significantly hindering access to those resources, conflict can wreak havoc on the ability of war-torn populations to survive and recover.

  6. E-waste Management

    The landscape of electronic waste, e-waste, management is changing dramatically. Besides a rapidly increasing world population, globalization is driving the demand for products, resulting in rising prices for many materials. Absolute scarcity looms for some special resources such as indium. Used electronic products and recyclable materials are increasingly crisscrossing the globe. This is creating both - opportunities and challenges for e-waste management.

  7. Assessing and Restoring Natural Resources In Post-Conflict Peacebuilding

    Violent conflict invariably disrupts people's livelihoods, the natural environment, social and political institutions, and the economy at all levels. Restoring peace and rebuilding society can be arduous, but immediate action at the cessation of conflict is essential. From the outset, assessments must identify needs, estimate costs, prioritize interventions, and develop a plan for recovery and reconstruction.

  8. New Edition: The Roman World

    Teaching about the Roman Empire? The Roman World: 44 BC-AD 180, by Martin Goodman, offers a thorough introduction to the major transformations in Rome, the Mediterranean regions, Northern Europe, and the Near East in this period. The second edition now incorporates findings from recent research and useful features like additional illustrations.

  9. New Edition: The Mediterranean World in Late Antiquity

    Now thoroughly revised and updated to take account of recent research, The Mediterranean World in Late Antiquity: AD 395-700, by Averil Cameron, offers a clear introduction to late antiquity that also challenges conventional views of the end of the Roman Empire.

  10. Human Resource Development

    Monica Lee’s ‘Human Resource Development’

    A little information about the new book that published in February 2012-Human Resource Development as We Know It: Speeches that Have Shaped the Field by Monica Lee

    Click here to read more about this book, or to order your copy today.

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