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The Asian Studies 2012 Catalog is Now Available Online!

Browse the latest New and Key Backlist Titles in the Asian Studies 2012 Catalog Online!

Routledge is proud to publish the biggest and broadest range of Asian Studies titles in the academic market. Our comprehensive list consists of high quality research monographs, key textbooks, supplementary reading and reference works across all disciplines throughout the humanities and social sciences, and spanning the entire Asian region.

Learn more about our latest titles in:

  • General Asia: Politics
  • General Asia: Law
  • General Asia: History
  • General Asia: Culture & Society
  • General Asia: Religion & Philosophy
  • General Asia: Business & Economics
  • China: Politics
  • China: Security Studies
  • China: Religion & Philosophy
  • China: History
  • China: Culture & Society
  • China: Business & Economics
  • Taiwan
  • Japan: Politics
  • Japan: History
  • Japan: Culture & Society
  • Korean Studies
  • Southeast Asia: Politics
  • Southeast Asia: Religion & Philosophy
  • Southeast Asia: History
  • Southeast Asia: Culture & Society
  • Southeast Asia: Business & Economics
  • South Asia: Politics
  • South Asia: Religion & Philosophy
  • South Asia: History
  • South Asia: Culture & Society
  • South Asia: Business & Economics
  • Central Asia
  • Language Learning

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