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  1. Author Clive Emsley on Napoleon’s influence

    Clive Emsley, author of  Napoleon: Conquest, Reform and Reorganisation, 2nd Edition, discusses the ongoing fascination with Napoleon and his influence in global history. 

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  2. Now Available - Guta Lag and Guta Saga: The Law and History of the Gotlanders

    "This superb edition is a major contribution to the study of legal culture in North-Western Europe. It provides a critical and scholarly view of the workings of one of the most culturally distinctive societies of the Central Middle Ages and it will serve as a key work of reference for many years to come. The insights found within this volume have resonances beyond the field of medieval studies and across the social science disciplines."

    Andrew Reynolds, University College, London, UK

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  3. New Edition: Strategic Management for Tourism, Hospitality and Events

    2nd Edition
    By Nigel Evans

    The new edition of this must-have text for students approaching this subject for the first time is available now.

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  4. book cover

    Miriam David discusses the reissue of ‘The State, the Family and Education’

    Thirty-five years after initial publication we are thrilled to announce the reissue of The State, the Family and Education as part of the Routledge Revivals series. Here, Miriam David discusses her work in relation to the changes that have occurred in feminist research since first publication.

  5. Jon Mills

    Congratulations to Professor Jon Mills

    Congratulations to Professor Jon Mills, recipient of the 2014 CPA Weininger Award for Lifetime Contributions to Psychoanalysis and/or Psychodynamic Psychology!

    Professor Mills will give the Weininger Keynote Memorial Address at the CPA conference in Ottawa in June with a talk entitled On the End of the World.

  6. guardian logo

    Podemos’ economic policy signals a new model of prosperity but it could - and should - go further

    "Without growth and with work increasingly computerised and automated, workers become redundant. Correctly, the document proposes a 35-hour working week: in an economy that does not grow, more jobs can be created if each of us works less. The support of caring and education is also right: these “less productive” activities are employment-intensive while providing higher social value."

    The full article by Giorgios Kallis can be found here.


  7. guardian logo

    Degrowth - Explained in The Guardian

    The philosophy of Degrowth lays out a strategy to curb growing income inequality and develop a sustainable standard of living for all.  With ideas like "Replacing economic growth with a holistic idea of wellbeing," and "Prioritizing sufficiency and resilience," this economic outlook can help remedy the damage we are doing to our natural ecosystems and improve the quality of life of people around the globe.  This article in The Guardian eloquents outlines the key points in the Degrowth school of thought.  This prized text can be put to great use in the classroom and in research.  

    The article by Cristiane Kliemann can be found here.


  8. Southern American Studies Association Biennial Conference

    Are you attending the Southern American Studies Association Biennial Conference, February 19th-21st, in Atlanta, GA? On Saturday, February 21st at 8:00 AM, Barbara Harris Combs, author of From Selma to Montgomery: The Long March to Freedom, is presenting “But Hasn’t the South Changed?: Dissecting the Arguments in Shelby County, Alabama vs. Attorney General Eric Holder”.

    You can read more about From Selma to Montgomery here. For a 20% discount, use code DC360 checkout. 

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  9. Did you see these Author Interviews and Articles in 2014?

    We hope you got the chance to watch or read these interviews and articles from our authors in 2014, but in case you didn’t, we’ve put them all in one place to make them easily accessible.

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  10. Series: Critical Concepts in Criminology

    Edited and introduced by leading experts in the field, Routledge’s Major Works collections are designed to meet today’s research, reference, and teaching needs. The Critical Concepts in Criminology series includes a number of titles within the subject area of Crime and Criminal Justice. An area of interest with a fast expanding body of literature, titles within this series provide an authoritative look at some of the key areas of interest within Criminology.

    Check out the series here!

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