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  1. Top Textbook: Improving Computer Science Education

    Improving Computer Science Education
    By Djordje M. Kadijevich, Charoula Angeli, Carsten Schulte

    Published February 14th 2013 by Routledge – 156 pages 

    Complimentary Exam Copy 

    Improving Computer Science Education examines suitable theoretical frameworks for conceptualizing teaching and learning computer science. This highly useful book provides numerous examples of practical, "real world" applications of major computer science information topics, such as Spreadsheets, Databases and Programming.

  2. davidrock

    Routledge Education Author of the Month, February:  David Rock

    Dr. David Rock is currently Dean of the School of Education at the University of Mississippi. He was named the Outstanding Alumni of the Decade 1990 – 1999 from the College of Education at University of Central Florida, College of Education and received the 2012 Professional Achievement Award from The University of Central Florida’s College of Education last year.

    The fourth edition of Dr. Rock's Teaching Secondary Mathematics is publishing this month. Solidly grounded in up-to-date research, theory and technology, Teaching Secondary Mathematics is a practical, student-friendly, and popular text for secondary mathematics methods courses. It provides clear and useful approaches for mathematics teachers, and shows how concepts typically found in a secondary mathematics curriculum can be taught in a positive and encouraging way.

  3. Michael Lynch Discusses ‘Hitler’

    Click here to watch Michael Lynch discuss his new Hitler biography from his recent lecture at the University of Melbourne, part 1 of 6.

    Learn more about Hitler, part of our Routledge Historical Biographies series.

  4. Features and Benefits of American Government, 7th Edition


    American Government

    Political Development and Institutional Change, 7th Edition

    By Cal Jillson

    American Government, 7th Edition by Cal Jillson at Southern Methodist University is now available as a complimentary exam copy for lecturers teaching a relevant course with more than twelve students.

    Request a complimentary exam copy of American Government today

  5. Introduction to Neuropsychotherapy: Guidelines for Rehabilitation of Neurological and…

    This groundbreaking volume provides a theoretical overview and clinical guidelines for the application of neuropsychotherapy. It takes a multidisciplinary approach, combining neuropsychological knowledge with recent conceptualizations from neuroscience and psychotherapy, with special emphasis on the role of working alliance.

  6. New Title: Asia, the US and Extended Nuclear Deterrence

    'As China rises and America responds, questions of nuclear strategy will become increasingly central to their relationship, and the risks of nuclear rivalry and confrontation will grow. Andrew O'Neil's outstanding book provides vital insights into the central, and potentially very dangerous, role that nuclear weapons will play in shaping Asia's strategic future. It is lucid, authoritative, and very important to anyone trying to understanding where Asia is heading.'Hugh White, Professor of Strategic Studies, Australian National University

  7. Featured Title: Film Censorship in the Asia-Pacific Region

    Film censorship has always been a controversial matter, particularly in jurisdictions with restrictive state-based censorship systems. Film Censorship in the Asia-Pacfic Region reviews the film censorship system in the Asia-Pacific by comparing the systems used in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Australia.

    Recommend this book to your librarian here.

  8. Routledge Revivals reissue the work of Peter Mangold

    This month the Routledge Revivals program reissue two texts from Peter Mangold, an influential journalist and author. Exclusively for us Peter Mangold has written a new and original article relating to these reissued titles, which is available here to download and read at your own leisure!

  9. The Climate Bonus by Alison Smith

    We are pleased to present a new Earthscan from Routledge blog post: written by Alison Smith, author of new book The Climate Bonus.

    With a new entry every fortnight, blog posts written by various Earthscan from Routledge authors will be displayed both on the Routledge website and on our Facebook page here. Each post within Facebook will be open to comments so please feel free to join in with the conversation.

  10. Think before printing. Why not go online?

    We here at Routledge are all about the environment. This is why we are rolling with the times and exploring online catalogs.

    This new and efficient way of sharing information allows us to show you all of our new collections, as well as our backlist titles, that we have on offer from across the different publishing programmes.

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