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  1. What Is Psychoanalysis?

    In a radically powerful interpretation of the human condition, this book redefines the discipline of psychoanalysis by examining its fundamental assumptions about the unconscious mind, the nature of personal history, our sexualities, and the significance of the "Oedipus Complex". With striking originality, Barratt explains the psychoanalytic way of exploring our inner realities, and criticizes many of the schools of "psychoanalytic psychotherapy" that emerged and prospered during the 20th century.

  2. Routledge Needs You!

    Routledge have recently launched several new Political Science series, and we are now seeking authors to contribute to our increasingly popular Political Science list.

  3. Sustainable Retrofitting of Commercial Buildings ( September 2012)

    By Richard Hyde, Nathan Groenhout, Francis Barram, Ken Yeang

    This book presents a theory-based, practice-support methodology to deal with sustainable retrofitting opportunities for existing commercial buildings in warm climates using bioclimatic design as the basis. The book has four main parts, focusing on eco-design and renovation, bioclimatic retrofitting, technological and behavioural change and case studies of retrofitting exemplars. 

  4. The Governance of Climate Geoengineering by Jason Blackstock, Clark Miller and Steve Rayner

    As negotiations aimed at improving our global response to climate change continue to falter, geoengineering – the planetary scale engineering of the climate system – is expected to receive increasingly serious consideration by states seeking ways to manage the most dangerous risks of climate change. In this important book, a collection of experts from the domains of science, science policy, politics, law, governance, ethics and civil society provide the essential foundation on which the debate can be built.

  5. Featured Authors, Grotton Revisited

    Taking time out of their busy schedules Stephen Ankers, David Kaiserman and Chris Shepley answer some in depth questions about their new book Grotton Revisted ( published in conjunction with the RTPI)


    "Loved it , I almost had to be resuscitated" - Professor Sir Peter Hall, Bartlett Professor of Planning and Regeneration, University College London, UK

    "It is an extremely funny book, but close enough to the reality of planning practice to be unsettling. It will certainly make you laugh, but it will be a rather nervous sort of laughter." – Australian Planner

  6. Call for Papers: Extraordinary Sex Therapy

    Sexual and Relationship Therapy invites submissions for a special issue on ‘Extraordinary Sex Therapy’ guest edited by Gina Ogden.

    Deadline for Submission of Abstracts: 31st December 2012

    Find out more here.

  7. Capital Spaces ( August 2012)

    Has the market really become the sole factor that influences the treatment of public space? Have the financial and personal interests of the few really come to dominate those of the many?

    To answer these questions Matthew Carmona and Filipa Wunderlich have carried out a detailed investigation of the modern public spaces of London, that most global of cities. For more information about the book click here

  8. 15 Best Selling Books from Routledge Planning

    The top 15 best selling Planning books published by Routledge. For more comprehensive list of what books are availble in this area see our catalogs

  9. Politics and Security Studies Handbooks

    You can now view all the Routledge Politics and Military Studies Handbooks in one place, with this handy online catalog!

    View the catalog here.

  10. Latin American Modern Architectures (August 2012)

    Latin American Modern Architectures: Ambiguous Territories has thirteen new essays from a range of distinguished architectural historians to help you understand the region’s rich and varied architecture.

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