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  1. Family Law

    New Editions of the Routledge Student Statutes Out Now

    New editions of the Routledge Student Statutues will publish in August. Covering Contract, Tort and Restitution; Criminal Law; Company Law; European Union Legislation; Evidence; Family Law; Property Law and Public Law and Human Rights to stand alongside the existing on International Trade Law. Described by Ed Bates of the University of Southampton, UK as being 'the best value and best format books on the market'; the Routledge Student Statutes have been designed to meet student needs through extensive market research.

  2. Understanding Equity & Trusts

    Struggling with Equity and Trusts? Help is at Hand

    The fourth edition of Alastair Hudson's Understanding Equity & Trusts will publish on the 21st August. Whether used at the beginning of studying or in the period before examinations, this book will give you an invaluable grounding in all of the key principles of equity and the law of trusts. Extensive updates have been made to the text to consider several major new cases decided since the last edition, including: including: Cobbe v Yeoman’s Row, Thorner v Major, Stack v Dowden, Jones v Kernott, White v Shortall, Re Lehman Brothers International, Brazzill v Willoughby, Mills v, Breakspear v Ackland, Sinclair Investments v Versailles, Curtis v Pulbrook, Kaye v Zeital, Annabel’s v HMRC, Porntip Stallion v Albert Stallion Holdings, the new law on super-injunctions, the Companies Act 2006 and the Perpetuities and Accumulations Act 2009. If you are a lecturer considering this book for course use you can order a complimentary exam copy today.

  3. Henri Lefebvre

    New Research Books Publishing in August

    Routledge Law is delighted to announce another bumper crop of exciting new research and scholarly books publishing in August. The latest book in the acclaimed Nomikoi Critical Legal Thinkers series; Henri Lefebvre by Chris Butler provides the first serious analysis of the relevance and importance of this significant thinker for the study of law and state power. Lorraine Talbot's Progressive Corporate Governance for the 21st Century is a wide ranging and ambitious study of why corporate governance is in the shape that it is, and how it can be improved. Read on for a full list of our research and scholarly books publishing in August.

  4. Exploring Distance in Leader-Follower Relationships: When Near is Far and Far is Near

    Leaders face new challenges as they cope with changes in culture, technology, and the workplace. In this edited volume, based on a conference at Claremont, scholars of leadership studies from three continents discuss the latest psychological research on interpersonal leader-follower relations.

  5. Now Available - The Routledge Encyclopedia of Second Language Acquisition

    "This Encyclopedia is a real treasure trove for language professionals and SLA researchers alike. The range of topics discussed is exceptionally broad, covering both established themes and cutting-edge issues, and the contributors are some of the best-known scholars in the field. Add to this the up-to-date reference lists for each entry and the result is a superb volume that is highly recommended."Zoltán Dörnyei, University of Nottingham, UK
    Routledge are proud to announce the publication of this major new volume in Second Language Acquisition, edited by Peter Robinson. Click here for more details

  6. The Social Dynamics of Carbon Capture and Storage by Nils Markusson, Simon Shackley, Benjamin Evar

    Carbon capture and storage (CCS) has emerged rapidly as a crucial technological option for decarbonising electricity supply and mitigating climate change. Great hopes are being pinned on this new technology but it is also facing growing skepticism and criticism. This book is the first to bring together the full range of social and policy issues surrounding CCS shedding new light on this potentially vital technology and its future.

  7. Routledge Handbooks in Applied Linguistics

    Routledge Handbooks in Applied Linguistics provide comprehensive overviews of the key topics in Applied Linguistics. All entries are specially commissioned and written by leading scholars in the field. Clear, accessible and carefully edited, Routledge Handbooks in Applied Linguistics are the ideal resources for both advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students. Click here for a full series listing

  8. New - The History of English

    This fantastic new textbook provides a chronological analysis of the linguistic, social, and cultural development of the English language from before its establishment in Britain around the year 450 to the present. Each chapter represents a new stage in the development of the language from Old English through Middle English to Modern Global English, all illustrated with a rich and diverse selection of primary texts showing changes in language resulting from contact, conquest and domination, and the expansion of English around the world. Click here to order your complimentary exam copy

  9. Media and Entertainment Law

    Media and Entertainment Law Quoted in Parliament

    In a recent parliamentary debate on libel reform Ursula Smartt's book Media and Entertainment Law was quoted by David Morris, MP for Morecambe and Lunsdale. You can read the full debate here.

  10. ‘Understanding Research’, by M.I. Franklin

    Planning, undertaking and completing a research project can be a daunting undertaking. For those fearful of not getting enough research done, doing it the wrong way, putting it together incorrectly, or unsure of what the end result will be, then Understanding Research is an invaluable guide to getting it right and putting fears to bed.

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