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  1. New Title-World Yearbook of Education 2014

    This latest volume in the World Yearbook of Education Series focuses on a major and highly significant development in the governing of education across the globe: the use of knowledge-based technologies as key policy sources. A combination of factors has produced this shift: first, the massive expansion of technological capacity signaled by the arrival of ‘big data’ that allows for the collection, circulation and processing of extensive system knowledge 

  2. White Paper - High-Tech Critical Thinking

    Check out this new White Paper from Dr. Rebecca Stobaugh in which she discusses ways to naturally integrate technology to support critical thinking at each level of Anderson and Krathwohl's revision of Bloom's taxonomy.

    Dr. Stobaugh is the author of Assessing Critical Thinking in Elementary Schools and Assessing Critical Thinking in Middle and High Schools.

  3. Renewable Energy Technology Collection from T&F eBooks

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  4. From Rio+20 to a New Development Agenda

    Twenty years after the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, "The Earth Summit", the Rio+20 conference in 2012 brought life back to sustainable development by putting it at the center of a new global development partnership, one in which sustainable development is the basis for eradicating poverty, upholding human development and transforming economies.

    Written by practitioners and participants involved in the multilateral process of negotiations, this book presents a unique insider analysis of not only what happened and why, but also where the outcomes might impact in the future, particularly in the UN development agenda beyond 2015.

  5. Renewable Energy Policy Collection from T&F eBooks

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  6. Ways of War: American Military History from the Colonial Era to the Twenty-First Century

    "Matthew Muehlbauer and David Ulbrich have raised the standard for American military history textbooks." - Gregory J. W. Urwin, Temple University, US

    Ways of War comprehensively explains the place of the military within the wider context of the history of the United States, showing its centrality to American culture and politics.Extensively illustrated and written by experienced instructors, Ways of War is essential reading for all students of American Military History.
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  7. Marine Policy

    This textbook provides the reader with a foundation in policy development and analysis and describes how policy, including legal mechanisms, is applied to marine environments around the world. It offers a systematic treatment of all aspects of marine policy, including environmental protection, fisheries, transportation, energy, mining and climate change.

  8. Affordable Housing in the Urban Global South

    The global increase in the number of slums calls for policies which improve the conditions of the urban poor, sustainably. This volume provides an extensive overview of current housing policies in Asia, Africa and Latin America and presents the facts and trends of recent housing policies. The chapters provide ideas and tools for pro-poor interventions with respect to the provision of land for housing, building materials, labor, participation and finance. The book looks at the role of the various stakeholders involved in such interventions, including national and local governments, private sector organisations, NGOs and Community-based Organisations.

  9. Race and Ethnicity in Latin America - Vincent Peloso

    "A magisterial synthesis of the highest caliber."
    - Ben Vinson III

    Vincent Peloso traces the story of ethnicity and race in Latin America from the sixteenth century to the contemporary period. In a short, synthetic narrative, he lays the groundwork for students to understand how the history of colonial racism is connected to the problems of racism in today’s Latin American societies. Read more.

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  10. December 2013 Textbook of the Month

    Becoming a Teacher through Action Research
    Process, Context, and Self-Study, 3rd Edition
    By Donna Kalmbach Phillips, Kevin Carr ]

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    Becoming a Teacher through Action Research, Third Edition skillfully interweaves the stories of pre-service teaching with the process of action research. This engaging text focuses specifically on the needs of pre-service teachers by providing assistance for all stages of the research experience, including guidance on how to select an area of focus, design a culturally-proficient study, collect and interpret data, and communicate findings.

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