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The Sport and Society Reader, Book of the Month, January 2010

The Sport and Society Reader,  an innovative new collection edited by David Karen and Robert E. Washington will be a lively addition to any sports course. Composed of key scholarly and journalistic articles, this reader demonstrates the ways that the sports we love to watch and the teams we love to root for are embedded in important social structures and processes that undermine sports’ "purity".

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Ideal for courses in Sociology of Sport and Sociology of Culture, this volume presents articles on:

  • race matters in sports
  • sports and deviance
  • globalizing sport

"The Sport and Society Reader provides a comprehensive introduction to the sociology of sport, emphasizing central themes and highlighting emerging currents in the field," says C. Richard King, professor of Comparative Ethnic Studies at Washington State University. The selected readings offer critical assessments of race, class, gender, and sexuality from a range of theoretical perspectives.  In addition to classic articles by leading scholars, the collection also smartly includes the writings of prominent journalists.  The editors deserve praise for cultivating a global perspective, making it of value to students and scholars in the US, UK, and beyond. A highly readable volume, it should find regular use in classrooms.”

The articles selected are both entertaining and highly illustrative of the links between sport and other areas of social study, resulting in a book that is as compelling as it is useful. In addition, the introductory approach used throughout orients the reader to specific key issues, making The Sport and Society Reader  an ideal standalone text for students of all levels.

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