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Think before printing. Why not go online?

We here at Routledge are all about the environment. This is why we are rolling with the times and exploring online catalogs.

This new and efficient way of sharing information allows us to show you all of our new collections, as well as our backlist titles, that we have on offer from across the different publishing programmes.

Each new online catalog will allow us to showcase the breadth of Routledge Reference, with front list and backlist titles, as well as our latest news, features and offers. Below we have included a selection of our latest online catalogs for you to browse through. So why not make it your resolution to print less and go online more?

So far in 2013, we have published two subject specific catalogs:

Geography & Urban Studies Online Catalog

Our Geography & Urban Studies catalog features titles from across the Routledge Major Works print program and Revivals series. The catalog also includes the details of our eBook collections; eFocus on Urban Studies and eCollection on Geography.


Philosophy & Religion Online Catalog

This catalog details all of our new and exciting titles for 2013, as well some of the most important books from our Philosophy and Religion backlist. These are also two areas in which we have a particularly fine selection of eBooks. Within the catalog we have picked out two eBook collections that will benefit students and researchers at all levels.


We’ve also published the Europa Online Catalog that details all the key upcoming and backlist titles throughout 2012 and 2013:

Europa: New Titles and Key Backlist 2012 & 2013

Long regarded as premier reference resources Europa's key titles The Europa World Year Book, The Europa Regional Surveys of the World, The International Who's Who and The Europa World of Learning are all available in print and online.

As well as saving the planet by printing less, online catalogs have some other neat functions that make things that little bit easier when you’re browsing through our latest titles. Viewing our catalogs online means that you can save the books that interest you to a booklist while you’re browsing, which you can then email to friends and colleagues, save as a spreadsheet or add to your shopping basket. By going online you can also bring up full bibliographic details for every single book, including blurbs, tables of contents and author bios.

Why not bookmark our Routledge Reference Catalogs page in your browser? We’ll be updating it throughout the year with new titles and subject specific catalogs for you to check out.