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World History - “A truly global story”

In this sweeping survey of world history, Candice Goucher and Linda Walton present a truly global story of human origins from past to present.

Now in it's second editon, World History has been fully updated and revised to include lavish color illustrations, maps and primary source excerpts. Divided into six parts: I Emergence (Human origins to 500 CE) II Order (1 CE-1500 CE) III Connections (500-1600 CE) IV Bridging Worlds (1300-1800 CE) V Transforming Lives (1500-1900) VI Forging a Global Community (1800- Present), each chapter begins with a timeline to provide context and ends with questions and annotated resources to assist students in their study.

To further aid study, a companion website supports World History with interactive timelines, study tips and skills, suggested links for further reading as well as additional material for instructors including PowerPoint slides, lecture material and discussion slides.