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  1. Communication Research Measures

    A Sourcebook

    By Rebecca B. Rubin, Philip Palmgreen, Howard E. Sypher

    Series: Routledge Communication Series

    The development of communication as a discipline has resulted in an explosion of scales tapping various aspects of interpersonal, mass, organizational, and instructional communication. This sourcebook brings together scales that measure a variety of important communication constructs. The...

    Published June 9th 2009 by Routledge

  2. Communication Research Measures II

    A Sourcebook

    By Rebecca B. Rubin, Alan M Rubin, Elizabeth Graham, Elizabeth M. Perse, David Seibold

    Series: Routledge Communication Series

    Expanding and building on the measures included in the original 1994 volume, Communication Research Measures II: A Sourcebook provides new measures in mass, interpersonal, instructional, and group/organizational communication areas, and highlights work in newer subdisciplines in communication,...

    Published May 14th 2009 by Routledge

  3. Methods of Historical Analysis in Electronic Media

    Edited by Donald G. Godfrey

    Series: Routledge Communication Series

    Methods of Historical Analysis in Electronic Media provides a foundation for historical research in electronic media by addressing the literature and the methods--traditional and the eclectic methods of scholarship as applied to electronic media. It is about history--broadcast electronic media...

    Published April 4th 2006 by Routledge

  4. Analyzing Media Messages

    Using Quantitative Content Analysis in Research, 2nd Edition

    By Daniel Riffe, Stephen Lacy, Frederick Fico

    Analyzing Media Messages provides a comprehensive and comprehensible guide to conducting content analysis research. It establishes a formal definition of quantitative content analysis; gives step-by-step instruction on designing a content analysis study; and explores in depth research questions...

    Published June 15th 2005 by Routledge

  5. Statistical Methods for Communication Science

    By Andrew F. Hayes

    Series: Routledge Communication Series

    Statistical Methods for Communication Science is the only statistical methods volume currently available that focuses exclusively on statistics in communication research. Writing in a straightforward, personal style, author Andrew F. Hayes offers this accessible and thorough introduction to...

    Published May 25th 2005 by Routledge

  6. Web Search Savvy

    Strategies and Shortcuts for Online Research

    By Barbara G. Friedman

    Series: Routledge Communication Series

    Web Search Savvy: Strategies and Shortcuts for Online Research provides readers of all skill levels with efficient search strategies for locating, retrieving, and evaluating information on the Internet. Utilizing her experience as a reporter working on deadline, author Barbara G. Friedman offers...

    Published July 29th 2004 by Psychology Press