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Books for Drugs in Sport Courses

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  1. Drugs in Sport

    5th Edition

    Edited by David R. Mottram

    Drug use and abuse is perhaps the biggest challenge facing sport today. However, in the eye of the storm of public and press opinion and with medals and morals at stake, it can be difficult to gain a clear perspective on this complex issue. Drugs in Sport is the most comprehensive and accurate text...

    Published November 8th 2010 by Routledge

  2. An Introduction to Drugs in Sport

    Addicted to Winning?, 2nd Edition

    By Ivan Waddington, Andy Smith

    Why do many athletes risk their careers by taking performance-enhancing drugs? Do the highly competitive pressures of elite sports teach athletes to win at any cost? An Introduction to Drugs in Sport provides a detailed and systematic examination of drug use in sport and attempts to explain why...

    Published December 2nd 2008 by Routledge