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Intensive Care Nursing

A Framework for Practice, 2nd Edition

By Philip Woodrow

Contributors: Jane Roe

Routledge – 2006 – 608 pages

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    February 21st 2006
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    February 21st 2006


This completely updated and revised new edition is specially written for qualified nurses working in intensive care nursing units. Fully comprehensive and developed to be as accessible as possible it contains four new chapters with valuable new and updated clinical scenarios to aid learning.

Intensive Care Nursing is structured in user-friendly sections. Each chapter contains 'fundamental knowledge' needed to understand the chapter, an introduction, 'implications for practice', a chapter summary, completely updated further reading, 'time out' sections for revision and a clinical scenario with questions included.

This second edition has been fully developed and reviewed by practitioners and teachers, as well as a senior pharmacist and covers:

  • patient-focused issues of bedside nursing
  • the technical knowledge necessary to care safely for ICU patients
  • the more common and specialized disease processes and treatments encountered
  • how nurses can use their knowledge and skills to develop their own and others' practice.

A support website at links to other important sites, gives answers to the clinical scenario questions and provides a forum for discussion of important clinical issues.

Written by a practice development nurse with a strong clinical background in intensive care nursing and experience of teaching nursing, Intensive Care Nursing is essential reading for nurses and health professionals working with high dependency patients.


'This is the bible of all qualified nurses and those undertaking intensive care courses.' - Nursing Standard

'Will continue to be a market leader for registered nurses with 6-12 months ICU experience. Nurses with many years of ICU experience will also find this text an invaluable source of updating and ready reference… New chapters on psychological care, interpreting blood results and SARS reflect developments in practice since 2000. The updated clinical scenarios encourage readers to bring theory and practice together and the addition of website support … is an excellent move.' - Ruth Endacott, La Trobe University, Australia and University of Plymouth, UK

‘Comprehensive, clear and clinically focused, this text is becoming a standard text for students undertaking critical care courses and as a reference book on the shelves of critical care units… I would advise all libraries and intensive care units to acquire a copy.’ Journal of Advanced Nursing

'I’m impressed by the quality of writing, the accessibility of the chapters and the comprehensiveness of the book. Mr Woodrow has been very diligent in editing content which has become outdated and substituting it with new concepts, innovations and treatments that relate to advancing the art and science of intensive care nursing. I am also pleased that the evidence to support, guide and inform clinical practice has been expanded and strengthened. As before selected readings and case scenarios are helpful in developing knowledge base and in assisting practitioners in the application of theoretical principles into practice.'John Albarran, Faculty of Health and Social Care, University of the West of England

'One of those rare textbooks that you could actually read for enjoyment! My edition is well thumbed and has proven to be invaluable when wanting to find the answer to a question quickly. The 'Time Out' sessions and clinical scenarios are particularly useful for the more junior staff, encouraging them to think laterally, relating the text to their clinical environment. With reflection being a major constituent of demonstrating competence, these exercises will help nurses to compile their professional and clinical portfolios. I recommend all acute ward areas to get a copy of this book for their bookshelves.' - Jacqueline Mandy Coggan, Clinical Educator for Critical Care, King's Mill Hospital, Sutton in Ashfield

'I would recommend this book to those wanting to refresh already established knowledge and practice within ICU nursing and those wishing to embark on a career in Critical Care. I believe this text serves as a valuable resource for the individual practitioner, on the shelves of any ICU and as a required/recommended text for Intensive Care nursing courses.' - Martin Christensen, Bournemouth University


List of Illustrations Preface Acknowledgements List of Abbreviations Part 1: Contexts of Care 1. Nursing Perspectives 2. Humanism 3. Psychological Care Part 2: Fundamental Aspects 4. Artificial Ventilation 5. Airway Management 6. Sedation 7. Pain Management 8. Pyrexia and Temperature Control 9. Nutrition and Bowel Care 10. Mouthcare 11. Eyecare 12. Skincare 13. Children in Adult ICUs 14. Older Patients in ICU 15. Infection Control 16. Ethics Part 3: Monitoring 17. Respiratory Monitoring 18. Gas Carriage 19. Acid/Base Balance and Arterial Blood Gas Analysis 20. Haemodynamic Monitoring 21. Blood Results 22. ECGs and Dysrhythmias 23. Neurological Monitoring Part 4: Micropathologies 24. Cellular Pathology 25. Immunity 26. DIC Part 5: Respiratory 27. ARDS 28. SARS and Legionella 29. Alternative Ventilatory Modes Part 6: Cardiovascular 30. Acute Coronary Syndromes 31. Cardiac Surgery 32. Shock 33. Sepsis, SIRS and MODS 34. Fluid Management 35. Inotropes and Vasopressors 36. Vascular Surgery Part 7: Neurological 37. Central Nervous System Injury 38. Peripheral Neurological Pathologies Part 8: Abdominal 39. Acute Renal Failure 40. Haemofiltration 41. Gastrointestinal Bleeds 42. Hepatic Failure 43. Obstetric Emergencies in ICU 44. Transplants Part 9: Metabolic 45. Pancreatitis 46. Diabetic Crises 47. Overdoses Part 10: Professional 48. Professionalism 49. Managing the ICU 50. Cost of Intensive Care Glossary References Index

Author Bio

Philip Woodrow is a Practice Development Nurse for the East Kent Hospitals NHS Trust, one of the largest acute trusts in the UK. He is co-author of High Dependency Nursing Care (Routledge 2004).

Name: Intensive Care Nursing: A Framework for Practice, 2nd Edition (eBook)Routledge 
Description: By Philip WoodrowContributors: Jane Roe. This completely updated and revised new edition is specially written for qualified nurses working in intensive care nursing units. Fully comprehensive and developed to be as accessible as possible it contains four new chapters with valuable new and...
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