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The Theory of Stochastic Processes

By D.R. Cox, H.D. Miller

Chapman and Hall/CRC – 1977 – 408 pages

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    January 31st 1977


"This is an important book which will also, I believe, be very is a carefully written and illuminating account of stochastic processes, writtenat a level which will make it useful to a large class of readers, certain as a consequence to be widely read, and thus a work of considerable importance."

-The Australian Journal of Statistics

"Here is a clear and readable exposition of everything in stochastic process theory that the non-specialist is likely to want to know."


"This book continues an authoritative line of published work in this field which concerns so much current work..The material is presented in a style which, together with the production and price, commands only one conclusion - buy it and use it."

-ASLIB Book List

Name: The Theory of Stochastic Processes (Paperback)Chapman and Hall/CRC 
Description: By D.R. Cox, H.D. Miller. The Theory of Stochastic Processes, D.R. Cox, H.D. Miller, Probability Theory & Applications
Categories: Probability Theory & Applications