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Introducing the New Sexuality Studies

Original Essays and Interviews

Edited by Steven Seidman, Nancy Fischer, Chet Meeks

Routledge – 2007 – 498 pages

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    November 23rd 2006


Breaking new ground, both substantively and stylistically, this book offers students, academics and researchers an accessible, engaging introduction and overview of this emerging field. Its central premise is to explore the social character of sexuality, the role of social differences such as race or nationality in creating sexual variation, and the ways sex is entangled in relations of power and inequality. Through this novel approach the field of sexuality is therefore considered, for the first time, in multicultural, global, and comparative terms and from a truly social perspective.

This important volume consists of over fifty short and original essays on the key topics and themes in sexuality studies, and interviews with twelve leading scholars in the field which convey some of the most innovative work being done. Each contribution is original and conveys the latest thinking and research in writing that is clear and that uses examples to illustrate key points.

This topical and timely volume will be an invaluable resource to all those with an interest in sexuality studies.


'This is a wonderful collection of essays and interviews that provides many opportunities for lucky dips. Open it at random, and you will find a gem, nicely gift wrapped in cool analysis and calm commitment. But taken as a whole this is also a sustained intervention in contemporary sexuality studies. Whilst recognizing the importance of the body, it avoids the trap of biological determinism and demonstrates the value of a perspective that is both social and historical. The book acknowledges the tremendous cultural transformations of the past generation that have broken down many of the old taboos, discriminations and prejudices. But the book is also a tribute to the new scholarship that has made it possible to understand sexualities in new ways.' - Jeffrey Weeks, Professor of Sociology, London South Bank University. Author of The World We Have Won.

'Introducing the New Sexuality Studies is an unsurpassed introduction to one of the most exciting, cutting-edge fields of study. The reader documents a living, breathing field in motion, fueled by the efforts of social scientists across a number of different disciplines. Featuring short, synthetic articles on a wide variety of areas of interest, and interviews with many of the field's leading lights, the book will engage both undergraduate and graduate student audiences.' - Arlene Stein, Rutgers University.

'Introducing the New Sexuality Studies provides the very latest detailed and authoritative mapping of the twists and turns of scholarship embracing sexual lives, their meanings and cultures within the broadest possible international arena. Interviews with a dozen of the key contemporary sexual researchers serve as anchorage for the innovative articles in this volume, articulating both the analytic possibilities and the continuing cultural constraints of the sometimes-riskier sexual climates of the global contemporary. This collection is an indispensable companion for students and scholars travelling between disciplines hoping to find the best overviews of contemporary sexual knowledge and politics.' - Lynne Segal, author of Making Trouble: Life & Politics.


General Introduction

Sex as a Social Fact


1. Theoretical Perspectives-Steven Seidman

2. Social Construction of Sexuality—Interview with Jeffery Weeks

3. Surveying Sex--Interview with Edward Laumann

Sexual Meanings


4. Sex and the Family: An Indecent Genealogy—Maureen Sullivan

5. Romantic Love-Interview with Eva Illouz

6. Sexual Pleasure— Kelly James

7. Purity and Pollution: Sex as a Moral Discourse –Nancy Fischer

8. Sex and Power —Kristen Barber

9. Gay and Straight Rites of Passage –Chet Meeks

10.Coming Out in Italy—Cirus Rinaldi and Claudio Cappotto

Sexual Bodies and Behaviors


11. Medicine and the Making of a Sexual Body—Celia Roberts

12. Sexualizing Asian Male Bodies-Travis Kong

13. Sex and the Senior Woman—Meika Loe

14. The Clitoris—Lisa Jean Moore

15. Orgasm—Juliet Richter

16. Anal Sex: Phallic and other Meanings—Simon Hardy

17. Sexual Intercourse –Kermit Kay

18. Viagra and the Coital Imperative—Nicola Gavey

Sexual Identities


19. Straight Men-James Dean

20. Lesbians-Interview with Tamsin Wilton

21. The Disappearance of the Homoseuxal—Interview with Henning Bech

22. The Bisexual Menace Revisted: or, Shaking up Categories is Hard to do—

Kristin Esterberg

23. Bisexualities in America –Interview with Paula C. Rodriquez Rust

24. Transgendering: Challenging the Normal-Kim Tauches

25. Transsexual, Transgender, Queer-interview with Viviane Namaste

26. Multiple Identities: Race, Class, and Gender in Lesbian and Gay Affirmative

Protestant Congregations

Sexual Institutions and Sexual CommerceIntroduction

27. One is not Born a Bride: How Weddings Regulate Heterosexuality-Chrys


28. Change and Continuity in American Marriage–Erica Hunter

29. Shopping for Love: Online Dating and the Making of a Cyber Culture of

Romance-Sophi Demasi

30. Conflicts at the Tubs: Bathhouses and Gay Culture and Politics in the US–

Jason Hendrickson

31. Sexual Tourism –Interview with Julia O’Connell-Davidson

32 Sex Sells, but What Else Does it Do? The American Porn Industry —Chris


33. Sex Workers—Interview with Wendy Chapkis

34. Condoms in the Global Economy-Peter Chua

Sexual Cultures Introduction

35. The Body, Disability, and Sexuality—Tom Gershick

36. Internet Sex: The Seductive ‘Freedom to’"—Dennis Waskul

37. Gay Men Dancing: Circuit Parties—Russell Westhaver

38. Time of the Sadomasochist: Hunting with(in) the ‘Tribus"—Darren


39. Sex and Young Japanese Heterosexual Men-Genaro Castro-Vazquez

40. Sex and Rock n Roll—Interview with Mimi Schippers

41. Secret Sex and the Downlow Brotherhood –Justin Hoy

42. Wait…Hip Hop Sexualities –Thomas F. DeFrantz

43 "Feederism:"A New Sexual Pleasure and Subculture—Dina Giovanelli and

Natalie Peluso

Sexual Regulation and Inequality


44. Sexuality, State, and Nation –Jyoti Puri

45. The Sexual Rights of Women and Homosexuals in Iran--Hamid Parnian

46. The Marriage Contract.—Mary Bernstein

47. Popular Culture Constructs Sexuality –Interview with Joshua Gamson

48. Christianity and the Regulation of Sexuality in the US—Joshua Grove

49. Law and the Regulation of Obscenity—Phoebe Gody

50. Schools and the Social Control of Sexuality –Melinda Miceli

51. Healing (disorderly) Desire: Medical-Therapeutic Regulation of Sexuality—

PJ McGann

52. Therapeutic Institutions--Chris Kelly

53. Gender and the Organization of Heterosexual Intimacy-Dan Santore

54. Sexual Politics in Intimate Relationships: Sexual Coercion and Harassment -Lisa Waldner

55. Sexual and Racial Violence & American Masculinity—Evelyn Clark

Sexual Politics


56. Gay Marriage: Why Now? Why at all?—Reese Kelly

57. Gay Men and Lesbians in the Netherlands—Gert Hekma and

Jan Willem Duyvendak

58. Queering the Family--Mary Burke and Kristine Olsen

59. The Pro Family Movement—Tina Fetner

60. Covenant Marriage: Reflexivity and Retrenchment in the Politics of

Intimacy--Dwight Fee

61. AIDS Politics--Jennifer Gunsaullus

62. Supreme Court and the Politics of Lesbian and Gay Rights—Maddox

63. Gender and Sexual Politics: The American Gay Rights and Women’s

Movements—Magen Murphy

64. Politics of Sex Education--Interview with Janice Irvine

65. Sex Worker Rights Movement—Danielle Hidalgo

Author Bio

Steven Seidman is Professor of Sociology at the State University of New York at Albany. He is the author of, among other books, Romantic Longings: Love in America, 1830-1980 (Routledge, 1991), Embattled Eros: Sexual Politics and Ethics in America (Routledge, 1992), Difference Troubles: Queering Social Theory and Sexual Politics (1997), Beyond the closet (Routledge, 2002), and The Social construction of sexuality (2003). He co-edited Social Postmodernism: Beyond Identity Politics (1995) and edited Queer Theory/Sociology (1996) and the Lesbian and Gay reader (2002).

Nancy Fischer is an Assistant Professor in the Sociology Department at Augsburg College. Her research and teaching is in the areas of urban sociology, sexuality, law and culture.

Chet Meeks is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology at Georgia State University. His interests include contemporary social theory, sexuality studies, and cultural sociology.

Name: Introducing the New Sexuality Studies: Original Essays and Interviews (Paperback)Routledge 
Description: Edited by Steven Seidman, Nancy Fischer, Chet Meeks. Breaking new ground, both substantively and stylistically, this book offers students, academics and researchers an accessible, engaging introduction and overview of this emerging field. Its central premise is to explore the social character of sexuality,...
Categories: Cultural Sexuality, Gender Studies, Sexuality - Gender Studies