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City Slums

A Political Thesis

By J.A. Ingham

Routledge – 2006 – 136 pages

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This book was first published in 1889.


Part One

1. Congestion of population in towns

2. Overcrowding

3. Description of London slums and their occupants

4. Legislative endeavours to meet the Evil

5. Particulars of London Municipal Government before Mr Ritchie's Act

6. Remedy by Parliamentary interference

7. Popular contract with the legislature

8. Dwellings in Lancashire and West Riding of Yorkshire compared with London slums

9. A short review of the progress of legislation during the last half-centure in other matters, showing the irregularity of slums

Part Two

10. The English Land question generally in relationship to labour

Part Three, By a Barrister

11. A short summarized statement showing the power to deal with the slums

Name: City Slums: A Political Thesis (Hardback)Routledge 
Description: By J.A. Ingham. This book was first published in 1889.
Categories: City and Urban Planning, Social Geography, Urban Sociology