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    December 9th 2010
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Language, Society and Power is the essential introductory text for students studying language in a variety of social contexts.

This book examines the ways in which language functions, how it influences thought and how it varies according to age, ethnicity, class and gender. It seeks to answer such questions as: How can a language reflect the status of children and older people? Do men and women talk differently? How can our use of language mark our ethnic identity? It also looks at language use in politics and the media and investigates how language affects and constructs our identities, exploring notions of correctness and attitudes towards language use.

This third edition of this bestselling book has been completely revised to include recent developments in theory and research and offers the following features:

  • a range of new and engaging international examples drawn from everyday life: beauty advertisements, conversation transcripts, newspaper headlines reporting on asylum seekers, language themed cartoons, and excerpts from the television programme South Park and satirical news website The Onion
  • new activities designed to give students a real understanding of the topic
  • a new chapter covering 'Student Projects'– giving readers suggestions on how to further explore the topics covered in the book
  • updated and expanded further reading sections for each chapter and a glossary.

While it can be used as a stand-alone text, this edition of Language, Society and Power has also been fully cross-referenced with the new companion title: The Language, Society and Power Reader. Together these books provide the complete resource for students of English language and linguistics, media, communication, cultural studies, sociology and psychology.


'This all-new edition of a ‘classic’ textbook provides a wide-ranging and up-to-date introduction to key concepts in sociolinguistics, written in an accessible and engaging style. The inclusion of thought- provoking activities and ideas for projects will be particularly welcomed by both students and teachers.' Mike Pearce, University of Sunderland, UK

'This is, without a doubt, the most engaging and accessible introduction to the social and political dimensions of language use available. A solid academic grounding combines with terrific examples from recent events that students can apply to their own real-life situations. Especially refreshing in an introductory text is the thought-provoking attention paid to ideologies (including the authors’), which encourages students to interact with the authors’ points of view. This book will whet the appetite of every student! The carefully chosen articles in the new Reader can only add to the conceptual and pedagogical riches on offer here!' Brenda Farnell, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

'The 3rd edition of Language, Society and Power is a great read and a fact-filled foundation for study. Like the earlier editions, the story of the social lives of language is described with skill, humor, and artistry. In this new edition the story is brought up to date and expanded to cover Englishes around the world. It’s a fascinating look at a 21st-century phenomenon.' Richard F. Young, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

"This new edition is an excellent introduction to the study of language and society. Its clear presentation and up-to-date examples makes it an invaluable teaching tool for native and non-native students alike" Jonathan White, Dalarna University, Sweden


1. What is Language? 2. Language Thought and Representation 3. Language and Politics 4. Language and the Media 5. Language and Gender 6. Language and Ethnicity 7. Language and Age 8. Language and Social Class 9. Language and Identity 10. Language Standardi[s/z]ation 11. Projects

Author Bio

Annabelle Mooney is a Reader in English Language and Linguistics at Roehampton University, UK.

Jean Stilwell Peccei is a former Visiting Lecturer in the English Language and Linguistics programme at Roehampton University, UK.

Suzanne LaBelle is a Lecturer in English Language and Communication at Kingston University, UK.

Berit Engøy Henriksen attended The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). She then studied at Roehampton University, graduating with an MRes in Sociolinguistics in 2009. Eva Eppler is Senior Lecturer and convenor of the MRes in Sociolinguistics at Roehampton University, UK.

Satori Soden has taught at both Roehampton and Goldsmiths College, UK.

Pia Pichler is a Lecturer in Linguistics at Goldsmiths, University of London, UK.

Anthea Irwin is Programme Leader of the BA (Hons.) Media & Communication degree at Glasgow Caledonian University, UK.

Name: Language, Society and Power: An Introduction, 3rd Edition (Paperback)Routledge 
Description: By Annabelle Mooney, Jean Stilwell Peccei, Suzanne LaBelle, Berit Engøy Henriksen, Eva Eppler, Anthea Irwin, Pia Pichler, Siân Preece, Satori Soden. Language, Society and Power is the essential introductory text for students studying language in a variety of social contexts. This book examines the ways in which language functions, how it influences thought and how it varies according to age,...
Categories: English Language, Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Language and Power, Language & Linguistics