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The Environmental Communication Yearbook

Volume 2

Edited by Susan L. Senecah

Routledge – 2005 – 184 pages

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Description and Guidelines to Contributors


Contents: Introduction. J.A. Peeples, Aggressive Mimicry: The Rhetoric of Wise Use and the Environmental Movement. C.W. Toker, The Deliberative Ideal and Co-optation in the Georgia Ports Authority's Stakeholder Evaluation Group. W.J. Kinsella, One Hundred Years of Nuclear Discourse: Four Master Themes and Their Implications for Environmental Communication. J.D. Hamilton, Narrative Inclusions and Exclusions in a Nuclear Controversy. D.E. DeLorme, S.C. Hagen, I.J. Stout, Perspectives on Prescribed Burning: Issues and Directions for Developing Campaign Messages. J. Hendry, J. Cramer, The Logic of Colonization in the "What Would Jesus Drive?" Anti-SUV Campaign. B.J. Weaver, David Defeats Goliath on the Banks of the Delaware: Rhetorical Legitimacy and the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area Debate.

Name: The Environmental Communication Yearbook: Volume 2 (Paperback)Routledge 
Description: Edited by Susan L. Senecah. Description and Guidelines to Contributors
Categories: Communication Studies, Mass Media & Communication, Journalism & Professional Media