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Exploited Earth

Britain's aid and the environment

By Teresa Hayter

Routledge – 2009 – 292 pages

Series: Aid and Development Set

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How do ''types'' of aid differ? Why are there different kinds? When is one more appropriate than another? How can you tell ''good'' aid from ''bad''? Friends of the Earth commissioned Teresa Hayter, author of Aid as Imperialism and Aid: Rhetoric and Reality, to examine Britain's aid policy and practice, paying particular attention to its effects on the worlds forests. In this book she describes the history of the different forms of aid and their effects. On behalf of one of the West's most effective environmental lobbies, Exploited Earth show how and why British aid needs to change. Originally published in 1989


Preface Acronyms 1. Pressures on Forests Expropriation The International Division of Labour Debt Population is not the Problem Forests and the Poor 2. Aid The Nature of the Phenomenon Aid as Commercial Subsidy Quantities, Types and Channels Geographical Allocation Conditionality 'Poverty-focused' Aid Aid and the Environment 3. British Aid Volume and Composition Geographical Allocation Administration Procedures Policies Aid to Creditors Aid to British Industry Aid to the Poorest Aid and the Environment Forests Projects For and Against Forests, Trees and the Poor Conclusions 4. European Community Aid 5. French Aid The Sahel Tropical Rainforests Other Forest Projects Summary and Proposals Proposals Support for Progressive Governments An End to Conditionality An International Convention? Stopping Bad Projects Disclosure of Information Commercial Subsidies The Volume of Aid Poverty-focused and Environment-focused Projects Non-government Organisations (NGOs) Research and Training Structural Adjustment Lending Debt Selected Sources and Bibliography Index

Name: Exploited Earth: Britain's aid and the environment (Paperback)Routledge 
Description: By Teresa Hayter. How do ''types'' of aid differ? Why are there different kinds? When is one more appropriate than another? How can you tell ''good'' aid from...
Categories: Sustainable Development, Resource Management - Environmental Studies, Biodiversity & Conservation