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Money, Finance and Empire


By A.N. Porter, R.F. Holland

Routledge – 2005 – 192 pages

Series: Economic History

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This book was first published in 1985.



1. J.A. Hobson, financial capitalism and imperialism in Late Victorian and Edwardian England, Peter Cain

2. The Export of British finance, 1865-1914, Lance Davies and Robert A. Huttenback

3. Canada and Argentina: the Firsth preference of the British investor, 1904-1914, D.C.M. Platt

4. Anglo-Indian banking in British India: from the paper pound to the gold standard, Amiya Kumar Bagchi

5. The banking community of London, 1890-1914: a survey, Y. Cassis

6. The phases of hte French colonial imperialism: Towards a new periodization, J. Marseille

7. Indo-British Relations in the post-colonial era: the Sterling Balances negotiations, 1947-49, B.R. Tomlinson

8. Britain, the Sterling area and European integration, 1945-50, Scott Newton

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Name: Money, Finance and Empire: 1790-1960 (Paperback)Routledge 
Description: By A.N. Porter, R.F. Holland. This book was first published in 1985.
Categories: Economic History