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The Urban Land Nexus and the State

By A. J. Scott

Routledge – 2006 – 280 pages

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This book was first published in 1980.


1. The urban question in context

2. Mode of production, capitalism and the State: a general framework of analysis

3. Commodity production and the structuring of geographical space

4. Urbanization and planning: a brief record of some recent problems and policies

5. Mainstream approaches to urban theory

6. Urban patterns 1: production space

7. Urban patterns 2: reproduction and circulation space

8. The urban land nexus and the state

9. The origins and character of urban planning

10. Urban development and planning intervention: five illustrative sketches

11. Planning ideologies

12. Urban problems and urban planning today

Name: The Urban Land Nexus and the State (Paperback)Routledge 
Description: By A. J. Scott. This book was first published in 1980.
Categories: City and Urban Planning, Social Geography, Urban Sociology