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The Entirepreneur

The All-In-One Entrepreneur-Leader-Manager

By Bill Bolton, John Thompson

Routledge – 2015 – 256 pages

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In this ground-breaking book Bill Bolton and John Thompson present a completely new take on the conventional domains of entrepreneur, leader and manager. They argue that in today’s turbulent and uncertain world, businesses no longer have the time for a business cycle that begins with an entrepreneur, hands over to a manager and finally brings in a strategic leader when things are flagging. ‘The New Normal’ that now prevails requires that these things run together and calls for a new kind of all rounder.

Bolton and Thompson give us a new word to describe such a person:


The entirely competent person, able to discern aright and make things happen.

Drawing upon the successful person-centred approach of their books on ‘Entrepreneurs’ they first tell the stories of over 40 Entirepreneurs, demonstrating clearly that such people do exist. After discussing the ‘New Normal’ context they present a fascinating analysis that goes below the surface to describe the key Talent, Temperament, Technique and Discernment attributes that explain the Entirepreneur. Readers have the opportunity to make a self-evaluation of their own attribute strengths, concluding with a final ‘Entirepreneur’ score.

This fascinating and insightful look at the Entirepreneur is a clear pointer to what will be demanded of those who would succeed amid the vicissitudes of ‘The New Normal’.


'Bolton and Thompson have again provided a seminal text for those curious about entrepreneurship and their own potential in that area; with a simple but incisive format which extends the scope of analysis to the practicing manager'

Barry Whitehouse, Senior Lecturer in Enterprise and Strategy, Wolverhampton University Business School, UK


Preface Introduction Part I: Entirepreneur Stories 1.Stories of Entirepreneurs and Entirepreneurs in Action Part II: The Entirepreneur and the 'New Normal' 2. The ‘New Normal’ World of Business 3. Conventional Wisdom – A Commentary and Critique 4. Dealing with the ‘New Normal’ 5. Growth and Sustainability Part III: The Person Dimension 6. The 3 T’s - Explained 7. Talent - Applied 8. Temperament - Applied 9. Technique - Applied 10. Discernment - Applied



Author Bio

Bill Bolton spent 25 years in industry in both the public and private sectors. He has worked in large and small companies at board level. He was the UK Technical Director of a Swedish Multinational and is currently a non-executive director of a manufacturing SME. He began the academic side of his career at Cambridge University where he headed what was then the Production Engineering Group. In that time he was closely involved in the Cambridge Phenomenon, serving as a non-executive director of a seed-capital fund. He was also the Founding Director of the St. John’s Innovation Centre in Cambridge. This experience with university spin-offs led to a major university/industry project in Latin America for which Dr Bolton held a UNITWIN (UNESCO) Chair in Innovation and Technology Transfer. His first publication The University Handbook on Enterprise Development (1997) came out of this project. More recently he has jointly authored with John Thompson The Entrepreneur in Focus; achieve your potential (2003)and Entrepreneurs: Talent, Temperament, Technique, now in its 3rd edition (2013).

John Thompson started his working life in book retailing and then, after a number of years in sales and marketing in the steel industry, he joined the academic world. He is currently Professor of Social Entrepreneurship at Anglia Ruskin University (part time) and Emeritus Professor of Entrepreneurship at the University of Huddersfield, UK. He has spent time as a Visiting Professor at Universities in Finland, Australia and New Zealand. As well as his books on entrepreneurs, he has written several strategic management texts. His Strategic Management: Awareness and Change is currently available in its 7th edition. He has written numerous papers on both strategy and entrepreneurship during his academic career but he has also been an active case writer and is a great believer in the power of both case teaching and storytelling. To this end he has always maintained active links with both large and small organisations to carry out his research. He has also worked with of a number of social enterprises and charities and helped with the start-up of several small businesses. In 2009 he was awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise Promotion.

Name: The Entirepreneur: The All-In-One Entrepreneur-Leader-Manager (Paperback)Routledge 
Description: By Bill Bolton, John Thompson. In this ground-breaking book Bill Bolton and John Thompson present a completely new take on the conventional domains of entrepreneur, leader and manager. They argue that in today’s turbulent and uncertain world, businesses no longer have the...
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