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Communication Yearbook 16

Edited by Stanley A. Deetz

Routledge – 2012 – 676 pages

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    October 24th 2011


First published in 2012. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.


Section 1: New Views of Organizational Communication: American and European Perspectives 1. Cultural-Ideological Modes of Management Control: A Theory and A Case Study of a Professional Service Company Mats Alvesson Commentaries: Cultural-Odeological Modes of Control: An Examination of Concept Formation Robert D. McPhee Culture, Control, and the Labot Process Astrid Kersten 2. "Ritual" in Organizational Culture Theory: Some Theoretical Reflections and a Plea for Greater Terminological Rigor Joachim Knuf Commentaries: Ritual as a Heuristic Device in Studies of Organizational Discourse Gerry Philipsen Arguing for "Ritualisitic" Pluralism: The Tension Between Privilege and the Mundane Patricia Riley 3. Viewing Organizational Communication From a Feminist Perspective: A Critique and Some Offerings Judi Marshall Commentaries: At Least It Is a Start Connie Bullis Feminism and the Critique of Organizational Communication Studies Dennis K. Mumby 4. Structuration Theory as an Ontology for Communication Research Stephen P. Banks and Patricia Riley Commentary: Rhetorical/Communication Theory as an Ontology for Structuration Research Charles Conrad 5. High-Speed management: A Revolution in Organizational Communication in the 1990s Donald P. Cushman and Sarah Sanderson King Commentaries: Issues for a Theory of High-Speed Management David R. Seibold and Noshir S. Contractor On the Joys and Sorrows of Predicting the Future or Organizational Communication Marshall Scott Poole 6. A Decade of Organizational Communication Research: Journal Articles 1980-1991 Myria Watkins Allen, J. Micheal Gotcher and Joy Hart Seibert Commentary: Beyond the Snapshot: Setting a Research Agenda in Organizational Communication Sue DeWine and Tom Daniels Section 2: Communication in a Changing World: Technologies and Multiculturalism 7. Competing Frameworks for Research on Information-Communication Technologies and Society: Toward a Synthesis Peter Shields and Rohan Samarajiva Commentaries: On Building Theory From the Inside Out Oscar H. Gandy, Jr. Capitalism, Information, and Uneven Development Dan Schiller 8. Third-Culture Building: A Paradigm Shift for International and Intercultural Communication Fred L. Casmir Commentaries: On Third-Culture Building Robert Shuter Toward a Paradigm Shift for Intercultural and International Communication: New Research Directions Getinet Belay Section 3: Theory Debate in Interpersonal and Small Group Communication 9. Components and Functions of Communication During Initial Interaction, With Extrapolations to Beyond James M. Honeycutt Commentaries: Uncertainty and Social Interaction Charles R. Berger Extrapolating Beyond: Processes of Uncertainty Reduction Kathy Kellermann 10. Motivation to Communicate: A Critical Review With Suggested Alternatives Theodore E. Zorn Commentaries: Motivation to Communicate: A Critical View of a Critical Review Walter R. Zakahi Social Science: A framework for Communication Inquiry Gail Sorenson 11. The Evolution and Current Status of the Functional Perspective on Communication in Decision-Making and Problem-Solving Groups Dennis S. Gouran, Randy Y. Hirokawa, Kelly M. Julian and Geoff B. Leatham Commentaries: A Functional Perspective for Bona Fide Groups Cynthia Stohl and Michael E. Holmes An Evaluation of the Functional Perspective in Small Group Communication Julie M. Billingsley

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Name: Communication Yearbook 16 (Hardback)Routledge 
Description: Edited by Stanley A. Deetz. First published in 2012. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
Categories: Communication Studies