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Culturally Diverse Mental Health

The Challenges of Research and Resistance

By Jeffery Scott Mio, Gayle Y. Iwamasa

Routledge – 2003 – 288 pages

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    May 15th 2003
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First published in 2003. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.


Section 1. Resistance to Multiculturalism

1. Modern Forms of Resistance to Multiculturalism: Keeping our Eyes on the Prize

2. Expanding Our Understanding of White Racism and Resistance for Change in the Fields of Counseling and Psychology

3. Resistance to Multiculturalism: The "Indian Problem"

4. To Be Included in the Multicultural Discussion: Check One Box Only

5. Manifestations of Resistance to Diversity and Multiculturalism in Organizations

6. Building Bridges in the 21st Century: Allies and the Power of Human Connection across Demographic Divides

Section 2. Diverse Ethnic Minority Populations

7. African Americans in the New Millennium: A Continued Search for Our True Identity

8. African American Couples: Their Importance to the Stability of African American Families and Their Mental Health Issues

9. Latinos and Mental Health: At Least You Should Know This

10. Clinical Psychology Issues Among Asian/Pacific Islander Americans

11. South Asian Americans: Culture, Concerns and Therapeutic Strategies

12. American Indian Mental Health Service Delivery: Persistent Challenges and Future Prospects

13. Not Just Black and White: Interracial Relationships and Multiracial Individuals

Section 3. Diverse Non-Ethnic Populations

14. Women's Mental Health Research: History, Current Status, and Future Directions

15. Violence Against Women: A Silent Pandemic

16. Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Psychology: Past, Present, and Future Directions

17. Aging and Mental Health

18. Deaf: Moving from Hearing Loss to Diversity

19. Perspective on Spirituality and Psychology in Ethnic Populations

Name: Culturally Diverse Mental Health: The Challenges of Research and Resistance (Paperback)Routledge 
Description: By Jeffery Scott Mio, Gayle Y. Iwamasa. First published in 2003. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
Categories: Cross-Cultural Psychiatry, Cross-cultural Counseling, Psychotherapy, Psychiatry & Clinical Psychology - Adult