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Handbook of Stress, Trauma, and the Family

Edited by Don. R. Catherall

Routledge – 2004 – 570 pages

Series: Psychosocial Stress Series

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The Handbook of Stress, Trauma, and the Family is broken down into three sections, compiling research, theory and practice. The first section focuses on how traumatic stress affects intimate others, what familial characteristics affect individual susceptibility to trauma, as well as evaluation of the effectiveness of various interventions. The section on theory explores concepts of stress and intrapsychic processes underlying the intergenerational transmission of trauma, addressesing how families can buffer or enhance anxiety. The final section, entitled practice, covers assessment (presenting both the Circumplex Model and Bowenian family theory models), treatment models and treatment formats for specific populations. The major family treatment models applicable to stress and trauma are discussed, including contextual, object relations, emotionally focused and critical interaction therapy.


"This edited text provides a valuable collection of chapters that offer thereotical insights, research experiences, and clinical models from a well respected and experienced group of family clinicians and researchers. It is useful for clinical teaching, as they offer a variety of recommended strategies from a range of theoretical approaches. The text is readable, well presented, and provides a useful addition to the scholarship on trauma and stress. It would be a valuable ancillary textbook for a general couples and family treatment class and useful main textbook for classes on families and stress at the graduate level." -- Journal of Marital and Family Therapy; Marsha T. Carolan, PhD


Introduction, Catherall. Part I: Theory. Trauma and its Impact on Families, Matsakis. The Ties that Bind: Resource Caravans and Losses Among Traumatized Families, Schumm, Vranceanu, Hobfoll. The Partner's Experience: Learning to Cope with Chaos, Remer. Selected Optimization with Compensation: Older Adults Adjusting to Change, Hyer, Rafalson, O'Hea. Families and Chronic Illness: An Integrative Model, Rolland. The Transmission of Trauma Across Generations: Identification with Parental Trauma in Children of Holocaust Survivors, Rowland-Klein. Part II: Research. The Relationship Between Traumatic Stress and Marital Intimacy, Whiffen, Oliver. The Quality of Life Among Survivors' Loved Ones, Amir, Lev-Wiesel. The Systemic Impact of Traumatized Children, Nelson, Schwerdtfeger. Adult Attachment and Trauma, Muller, Kraftcheck, McLewin. Social Support and Traumatic Stress, Hawkins, Manne. The Effectiveness of Marital and Family Therapy for Stress and Trauma, Lebow, Rekart. Part III: Practice. Models of Assessment. Assessment and Treatment of Trauma From a Bowen Family Systems Theory Perspective, Harris, Topham. A Strengths-Based Approach to Child and Family Assessment, Gilgun. Multi-system Assessment of Stress & Health (MASH) Model, Olson. Models of Family Treatment. The Contextual Treatment of Abuse, Gold. The Ecological Approach to Incestuous Families, Maddock, Larson.When a Family Deals with Loss: Adaptational Challenges, Risk, and Resiliency, Walsh, McGoldrick. Family Crisis Intervention, Harris. Enhancing Resilience Through Multiple Family Groups, Stoiber, Ribar, Waas. Models of Couples Treatment. Psychoeducational Treatment of Stressed and Traumatized Couples, Rabin, Apel. Object Relations Couples Therapy with Trauma Survivors, Miehls, Basham. Facing the Dragon Together: Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy with Trauma Survivors, Johnson. Critical Interaction Therapy with Traumatized Couples, Johnson.Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Sexual Abuse Survivor Couples, Hall, Follette.

Author Bio

Don R. Catherall, Ph.D., is Executive Director of The Phoenix Institute, which specualizes in the treatment of trauma disorders and relational problems; Clinical Associate Professor at Northwestern University Medcial School; a member of the Editorial Advisory Group of the Journal of Traumatic Stress; a member of the Editorial Board of the electronic journal, Traumatology, and the Taylor and Francis Book Series on Trauma and Loss; and author of Back from the Brink: A Family Guide to Overcoming Traumatic Stress.

Name: Handbook of Stress, Trauma, and the Family (Hardback)Routledge 
Description: Edited by Don. R. Catherall. The Handbook of Stress, Trauma, and the Family is broken down into three sections, compiling research, theory and practice. The first section focuses on how traumatic stress affects intimate others, what familial characteristics affect individual...
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