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Applied Public Relations

Cases in Stakeholder Management, 2nd Edition

By Kathy Brittain McKee, Kathy Brittain Richardson, Marcie Hinton, Larry F. Lamb

Routledge – 2009 – 290 pages

Series: Routledge Communication Series

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    June 10th 2009
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Applied Public Relations provides readers with the opportunity to observe and analyze how contemporary businesses and organizations interact with key groups and influences. Through the presentation of cases covering a wide variety of industries, locations, and settings, authors Kathy Brittain McKee and Larry F. Lamb examine how real organizations develop and maintain their relationships, offering valuable insights into contemporary business and organizational management practices.

McKee and Lamb place special emphasis on public relations as a strategic management function that must coordinate its planning and activities with key organizational units - human resources, marketing, legal counsel, finance, and operations, among others. A commitment to the ethical practice of public relations underlies the book, and students are challenged not only to assess the effectiveness of the practices outlined, but also to understand the ethical implications of those choices.

This second edition includes the following key features:

    • New and updated cases
    • Additional Professional Insight commentaries
    • Expanded use of charts and photos
    • An appendix with the PRSA Member Code of Ethics and the IABC Code of Ethics for Professional Communicators
    • A companion website with resources for the student and the instructor.

With its practical orientation and scope, Applied Public Relations is a useful text for courses on public relations management, public relations cases and campaigns, and integrated communication management.


Professional Insight: The Management Champion of Social Responsibility -- James E. Grunig

1. Applied Public Relations: Maintaining Mutually Beneficial Systems of Stakeholder Relationships

Professional Insight: The Case for Character -- Ron Arp

2. Stakeholders: Employees

Case 1. General Motors Trims Its Workforce and Operations

Case 2: "You Can’t Buy That Kind of PR": Southwest Airlines Employees Star in Reality TV

Case 3. Teamsters Deliver Public Support During the UPS Strike

Case 4: Sun Shines Through Employee Blogs

Case 5: The Case of the Misfired Memo

Professonal Insight: Your Real Job Description -- Lisa Owens

3. Stakeholders: Community

Case 6. ‘The Company For Women’ Pledges Support

Case 7. CharitaBulls Help Others Win at Life

Case 8. "Walking the Talk": DuPont’s Land Legacy Program Donates 16,000 Acres to The Conservation Fund

Case 9. Habitat for Humanity: Building Corporate Bridges and Affordable Houses

Case 10: Community Service Constitutes Core Competency of Timberland

Professonal Insight: A Lesson: Advertising and Public Relations Can Work in Harmony -- Anne Sceia Klein

4. Stakeholders: Consumers

Case 11. "Would You Like Your Taco With or Without Pesticide Today?"

Case 12: Wendy’s Relies On Reputation to Combat "Finger" Fraud

Case 13. Bausch & Lomb See Recall

Case 14. Tire Tread Troubles Drive Firestone into Crisis of Confidence

Case 15: Wal-Mart: Soaring Through Sustainability

Case 16. Warner Bros. (and Others) are Wild About "Harry"

Professonal Insight: Public Relations in the iPod Generation -- Richard D. French

5. Stakeholders: Media

Case 17. Media Interest in Transplant Drama Stokes Anxiety in Health Care Professionals

Case 18. Fakes News Release Leads to Arrest

Case 19. Bishops, Priests, and Reporters: The Catholic Church and Media Coverage of Sex Abuse Scandals

Case 20: Bowling For Columbine Strikes Ammunition Sales at Kmart Corp.

Case 21: Creating and Controlling—A dialogue on Energy: Chevron Launches Worldwide Advertising Campaign

Professional Insight: Making News in a New Media World -- David Henderson

6. Stakeholders: Investors

Case 22. The Communications Company That Didn’t Communicate: WorldCom

Case 23. Appearances or Substance: Which is More Important?

Case 23: A Habit of Activism

Case 24. Hewlett-Packard Seeks to Plug Leaks With a Secret Investigation

Professonal Insight: Integrated Communication and Shareholder Wealth -- Linda Kelleher

7. Stakeholders: Members and Volunteers

Case 25. Designated Donations? The American Red Cross and the Liberty Fund

Case 26: Offering "1-888-995-HOPE" to Homeowners

Case 27. Colossal Fossil Dominates Chicago’s Field Museum

Case 28: Queen Latifah Introduces National Women’s Confidence Day

Case 29. A New Way for the United Way of the National Capital Area?

Professional Insight: A Higher Ethical Standard for Non-Profits -- James E. Moody

8. Stakeholder: Governments and Regulators

Case 30: Hospital Advocates for its Property-Tax Exemption

Case 31. New Internet Cookie Recipe Gives Heartburn to DoubleClick

Case 32. "Working Together to Bring Peace":Saudi Arabia Seeks to Improve its U.S. Image

Case 33. Kick Ash Bash Sets Stage for Antismoking Campaign

Case 34: "What Happened": Former Press Secretary’s Memoir Sparks Controversies

Professional Insight: Is Saying 'No' an Option for the Government? -- Gene Rose

9. Stakeholders: Activists

Case 36: PETA Serves Up "Holocaust on Your Plate" Campaign

Case 37. Greenpeace Pressures Chemical Producers to Reduce Risks of Chlorine Gas

Case 38. Activist Campaign in India Examines Soft Drinks

Case 39. Activists Keep Nike on the Run

Professional Insight: Three Key Concepts from a PR Pioneer Turned Critic -- Larry Pfautsch

10. Stakeholders: Global Citizens

Case 40: "Our Weapon is Our Nakedness": Nigerian Women Use Cultural Taboo to Fight Big Oil Company

Case 41. Bayer Drug Recall Strains International Relationships

Case 42. Brewing International Relationships: Does Starbucks C.A.F.É. Program Serve Social Responsibility to Ethiopian Coffee Farmers?

Case 43. Publicis and the European Central Bank Introduce "The Euro. Our Money" to the World

Case 44. Red, White, and Blue—and Golden? McDonald’s Responds to International Pressures

Case 45. Maritime Tragedy Compounded by Cultural Differences

Professional Insight: Global Connections, Distinctive Differences -- Julie Freeman

Author Bio

Kathy Brittain McKee is a professor of communication at Berry College where she served from 1999-2009 as the associate provost and dean of academic services. She is the co-author of Media Ethics: Cases and Moral Reasoning, which is now in its 8th edition. She serves as editor of Journalism & Communication Monographs. Dr. McKee has published journal articles and book chapters in media ethics, visual imagery, communication pedagogy and student-press regulation.

Larry F. Lamb has held leadership positions in corporate communications at Fortune 500 companies and served pharmaceutical and manufacturing clients of a global strategic communications business. He has taught at public universities in Kansas, North Carolina and the Russian Federation.

Name: Applied Public Relations: Cases in Stakeholder Management, 2nd Edition (Paperback)Routledge 
Description: By Kathy Brittain McKee, Kathy Brittain Richardson, Marcie Hinton, Larry F. Lamb. Applied Public Relations provides readers with the opportunity to observe and analyze how contemporary businesses and organizations interact with key groups and influences. Through the presentation of cases covering a wide variety of industries,...
Categories: Public Relations, Public Relations in Media, Public Relations