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Since its establishment by USDA regulation in the mid-1980s, the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) has evolved as the premier instrument of animal welfare oversight within research institutions in the United States.

By addressing questions and problems that often confront institutions, The IACUC Handbook, Second Edition provides accurate, succinct answers. It features comprehensive updates for all pertinent federal laws, regulations, and policies. It also contains an expanded survey of IACUC practices from institutions around the nation.

With accessible information, this new editionprovides a foundation for those attempting to understand and implement the many and varied responsibilities of these committees.


“The IACUC Handbook is an interesting interactive handbook with a unique format that introduces a complex subject of rules, policy, and guidelines for an animal care program and the committee given the task of oversight of that program and offers interpretation into those guidelines. …easy to read, complete with a multitude of reference material …useful to any new IACUC members or members of IACUC who have additional questions regarding policies and regulations concerning animal programs at their or other institutions.”

—Sandra L. Jex, DVM, ALN Magazine

“…Those who are new to IACUCs as well as seasoned committee members and administrators will find a wealth of information on the regulatory aspects that govern committee function and animal health. This book remains a valuable source of practical information on issues facing IACUCs, and I highly recommend it for the libraries of all those who are part of an IACUC or contribute to IACUC support.”

—Rebecca S. Schwiebert, D.V.M., Ph.D, C.A.C.L.A.M., American Journal of Veterinary Medicine, Vol. 69, No. 1

Praise for the First Edition

“Finally a much-needed text that deals with issues facing Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees is available. The editors and chapter contributors have provided an excellent reference book for IACUC administrators, chairpersons, and laboratory animal professionals alike. It is a long-awaited manuscript to assist with the resolution of problems that face many Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees. Its ‘question and answer’ format is very useful … an extremely well-written reference that should be included in the training of all personnel that are involved with Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees. It is a text that can be referenced for a plethora of issues that face these committees … an indispensable book in our field.”

—Ellen M. Levee, D.V.M., Laboratory Animal Practitioner

“This reasonably priced book would be a valuable addition to the library of any IACUC, aiding in semi-annual assessments of the operation and compliance of the IACUC and in training new members in their role in and the function of the IACUC.”

—David M. Moore, D.V.M., M.S., DACLAM, American Journal of Veterinary Research


Origins of the IACUC

Circumstances Requiring an IACUC

Creation of an IACUC

Reporting Lines of the IACUC

General Composition of the IACUC and Specific Roles of the IACUC Members


Frequency and Conduct of Regular IACUC Meetings

General Format of IACUC Protocol Forms

Submission and Maintenance of IACUC Protocols

General Concepts of Protocol Review

Amending IACUC Protocols


Continuing Review of Protocols


Justification for the Use of Animals

Justification for the Number of Animals to be Used

Animal Acquisition and Disposition

Animal Housing and Use Sites

Pain and Distress



Antigens, Antibodies, and Blood Collection

Occupational Health and Safety

Personnel Training

Academic Freedom and Proprietary Information

General Concepts of the Facility Inspection and Program Review

Inspection of Animal Housing Areas

Inspection of Individual Laboratories

Inspection of Surgery Areas

Assessment of Veterinary Care

Laboratory Animal Enrichment

Animal Mistreatment and Protocol Noncompliance

Post –Approval Monitoring

Appendix A.  Animal Welfare Act

Appendix B. Animal Welfare Act Regulations

Appendix C. Health Research Extension Act of 1985

Appendix D. Public Health Service Policy on Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals

Appendix E. U.S. Government Principles for the Utilization and Care of Vertebrate Animals in Testing, Research, and Training


Name: The IACUC Handbook, Second Edition (Hardback)CRC Press 
Description: Edited by Jerald Silverman, Mark A. Suckow, Sreekant MurthyContributors: Lawrence G. Carbone, Ronald E. Banks, Alicia Z. Karas, Kathy Laber, Marilyn J. Chimes, Christian E. Newcomer, Scott Edward Perkins, Robin Lyn Trundy, Stephen K. Curtis, Kathryn A.L. Bayne, Lester L. Rolf, Jr., Bernard Doerning, Harry Rozmiarek, Richard Van Sluyters, Ernest Prentice, Diane J. Gaertner, Edward J. Gracely, Michael J. Huerkamp, Cynthia S. Gillett, Peggy Danneman, Harold, Jr. Stills, Howard G. Rush, Patricia Ward, Neil S. Lipman, Kathleen D. Moody, David R. Archer, Gwenn S. F. Oki, Susan Stein Cook, Alison C. Smith, Michael D. Mann, Marcy Brown, Kathryn A. Donohue, Laure Bachich Ergin, Karen M. Janes. Since its establishment by USDA regulation in the mid-1980s, the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) has evolved as the premier instrument of animal welfare oversight within research institutions in the United States. By addressing...
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