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Theories of Human Development

2nd Edition

By Barbara M. Newman, Philip R. Newman

Psychology Press – 2016 – 496 pages

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    June 30th 2015
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"I appreciate the lifespan approach and the willingness to include very current … theories. … The authors do a very nice job of providing clear applications of each theory as well as new directions. … It’s most appropriate for our Lifespan Human Development and Learning course. … I would seriously consider [Newman] for adoption. … [Newman is] current, well-written, and serves as a solid introduction to developmental theories." – Michele Gregoire Gill, University of Central Florida, USA

"The book is written at an optimal level for comprehension. … I felt as if I could open the book to any page, start reading and understand what the author was trying to communicate. … I already use the Newman text for my Human Development course … and the students like it. … I found it to be a good primer." – Davidio Dupree, University of Pennsylvania, USA

"Content, writing style, clarity, accuracy and timeliness were excellent. … The theories were presented in a straightforward, easy to read, and understandable manner. … The course I teach is … at the masters level. … I would consider replacing [my current book]." – Lydia B. Smith, University of North Carolina – Charlotte, USA

"The figures and illustrations proposed for the 2nd edition to show the relationships across theories will be very helpful for the visual learner. … The questions to guide the reader at the beginning of the chapter are excellent. Also, including the key words, further research, and discussion questions are excellent additions." – Hillary Merk, University of Portland, USA


Contents: Introduction. Part I: Interlude: Theories That Emphasize Biological Factors in Development 1. Evolutionary Theory 2. Psychosexual Theory 3. Cognitive Developmental Theory. Part II: Interlude: Theories That Emphasize Environmental Factors in Development 4. Learning Theories 5. Social Role Theory 6. Life Course Theory Part III: Interlude: Theories That Emphasize the Interaction of Person and Environment in Development 7. Psychosocial Theory 8. Cognitive Social Historical Theory 9. Dynamic Systems Theory

Name: Theories of Human Development: 2nd Edition (Paperback)Psychology Press 
Description: By Barbara M. Newman, Philip R. Newman. Theories of Human Development, 2nd Edition, Barbara M. Newman, Philip R. Newman, Theories of Development, Child Development, Child Development, Developmental Psychology
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