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Book Series

AFI Film Readers

Series Editor: Edward Branigan, Charles Wolfe

AFI Film Readers published in cooperation with the American Film Institute, focus on important issues and themes in film and media scholarship. Series Editors: Edward Branigan and Charles Wolfe, Department of Film and Media Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara.

New and Published Books

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  1. Hollywood Puzzle Films

    Edited by Warren Buckland

    Series: AFI Film Readers

    From Inception to The Lake House, moviegoers are increasingly flocking to narratologically complex puzzle films. These puzzle movies borrow techniques—like fragmented spatio-temporal reality, time loops, unstable characters with split identities or unreliable narrators—more commonly attributed to...

    Published June 2nd 2014 by Routledge

  2. Cognitive Media Theory

    Edited by Ted Nannicelli, Paul Taberham

    Series: AFI Film Readers

    Across the academy, scholars are debating the question of what bearing scientific inquiry has upon the humanities. The latest addition to the AFI Film Readers series, Cognitive Media Theory takes up this question in the context of film and media studies. This collection of essays by internationally...

    Published March 18th 2014 by Routledge

  3. The Biopic in Contemporary Film Culture

    Edited by Tom Brown, Belén Vidal

    Series: AFI Film Readers

    The biographical film or biopic is a staple of film production in all major film industries and yet, within film studies, its generic, aesthetic, and cultural significance has remained underexplored. The Biopic in Contemporary Film Culture fills this gap, conceptualizing the biopic with a...

    Published December 7th 2013 by Routledge

  4. Fabrications

    Costume and the Female Body

    Edited by Jane M. Gaines, Charlotte Herzog

    Series: AFI Film Readers

    Fabrications begins with a single germ in feminist film theory--the "to-be-looked-at" aesthetic described by Laura Mulvey--and pushes it further, considering the pleasures women derive from consumer culture against the social costs they have paid as wife, mother, and worker. Here, American feminist...

    Published September 30th 2013 by Routledge

  5. Pervasive Animation

    Edited by Suzanne Buchan

    Series: AFI Film Readers

    This new addition to the AFI Film Readers series brings together original scholarship on animation in contemporary moving image culture, from classic experimental and independent shorts to digital animation and installation. The collection - that is also a philosophy of animation - foregrounds new...

    Published July 15th 2013 by Routledge

  6. Media Authorship

    Edited by Cynthia Chris, David A. Gerstner

    Series: AFI Film Readers

    Contemporary media authorship is frequently collaborative, participatory, non-site specific, or quite simply goes unrecognized. In this volume, media and film scholars explore the theoretical debates around authorship, intention, and identity within the rapidly transforming and globalized culture...

    Published December 10th 2012 by Routledge

  7. Color and the Moving Image

    History, Theory, Aesthetics, Archive

    Edited by Simon Brown, Sarah Street, Liz Watkins

    Series: AFI Film Readers

    This new AFI Film Reader is the first comprehensive collection of original essays on the use of color in film. Contributors from diverse film studies backgrounds consider the importance of color throughout the history of the medium, assessing not only the theoretical implications of color on the...

    Published November 19th 2012 by Routledge

  8. Ecocinema Theory and Practice

    Edited by Stephen Rust, Salma Monani, Sean Cubitt

    Series: AFI Film Readers

    Ecocinema Theory and Practice is the first collection of its kind—an anthology that offers a comprehensive introduction to the rapidly growing field of eco-film criticism, a branch of critical scholarship that investigates cinema’s intersections with environmental understandings. It references...

    Published August 25th 2012 by Routledge

  9. Arnheim for Film and Media Studies

    Edited by Scott Higgins

    Series: AFI Film Readers

    Rudolf Arnheim (1904-2007) was a pioneering figure in film studies, best known for his landmark book on silent cinema Film as Art. He ultimately became more famous as a scholar in the fields of art and art history, largely abandoning his theoretical work on cinema. However, his later aesthetic...

    Published September 27th 2010 by Routledge

  10. The Epic Film in World Culture

    Edited by Robert Burgoyne

    Series: AFI Film Readers

    With the recent release of spectacular blockbuster films from Gladiator to The Lord of the Rings trilogy, the epic has once again become a major form in contemporary cinema. This new volume in the AFI Film Readers series explores the rebirth of the epic film genre in the contemporary period, a...

    Published July 6th 2010 by Routledge

Forthcoming Books

  1. Endangering Science Fiction Film
    Edited by Sean Redmond, Leon Marvell
    To Be Published July 21st 2015
  2. New Silent Cinema
    Edited by Katherine Groo, Paul Flaig
    To Be Published September 17th 2015
  3. Teaching Transnational Cinema: Politics and Pedagogy
    Edited by Marciniak Katarzyna, Bruce Bennett
    To Be Published December 1st 2015

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