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Advanced Methods

The Advanced Methods series is intended for graduate researchers in the biological and biomedical life sciences. Titles contain both background information and detailed protocols and aim to give sufficient theory to enable users to adapt the given protocols to their own experimental system.

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  1. RNAi

    Edited by Martin Latterich

    Series: Advanced Methods

    One of the major recent discoveries in molecular and cellular biology is that small double-stranded RNA molecules selectively turn off gene expression in all types of cell, a phenomenon known as RNA silencing. This discovery led to the development of RNA interference (known as RNAi) as a powerful...

    Published November 8th 2007 by Taylor & Francis

  2. Real-time PCR

    Edited by M Tevfik Dorak

    Series: Advanced Methods

    With a variety of detection chemistries, an increasing number of platforms, multiple choices for analytical methods and the jargon emerging along with these developments, real-time PCR is facing the risk of becoming an intimidating method, especially for beginners. Real-time PCR provides the...

    Published April 27th 2006 by Taylor & Francis

  3. DNA Microarrays

    Edited by Ulrike Nuber

    Series: Advanced Methods

    DNA Microarrays introduces all up-to-date microarray platforms and their various applications. It is written for scientists who are entering the field of DNA microarrays as well as those already familiar with the technology, but interested in new applications and methods....

    Published October 20th 2005 by Taylor & Francis

  4. Molecular Microbial Ecology

    Edited by Mark Osborn, Cindy Smith

    Series: Advanced Methods

    Microoganisms are distributed across every ecosystem, and microbial transformations are fundamental to the operation of the biosphere. Microbial ecology is the study of this interaction between microorganisms and their environment, and arguably represents one of the most important areas of...

    Published August 11th 2005 by Taylor & Francis

  5. Gene Transfer to Animal Cells

    By Richard Twyman

    Series: Advanced Methods

    Gene transfer to animal cells was first achieved more than thirty years ago. Since then, transformation technology has developed rapidly, resulting in a multitude of techniques for cell transformation and the creation of transgenic animals. As with any expanding technology, it becomes...

    Published December 23rd 2004 by Taylor & Francis

  6. Gene Targeting and Embryonic Stem Cells

    By Jim Mcwhir, Alison Thomson

    Series: Advanced Methods

    Gene Targeting and Embryonic Stem Cells is a practical guide designed for the rapidly growing number of researchers who are moving into this field. Provides details on how to culture, transfect and differentiate established cell lines, and how to isolate new cell lines. Gene targeting...

    Published July 1st 2004 by Taylor & Francis

  7. Cell Proliferation and Apoptosis

    Edited by David Hughes, Huseyin Mehmet

    Series: Advanced Methods

    Cell Proliferation and Apoptosis provides a detailed practical guide to cell proliferation and apoptosis detection methods. A novel approach combining both these areas allows important comparisons to be made. Topics covered include all aspects of tissue handling from collection, storage, fixation...

    Published May 22nd 2003 by Taylor & Francis

  8. Microarrays and Microplates

    Applications in Biomedical Sciences

    Edited by Ian Day, S Ye

    Series: Advanced Methods

    The 'Advanced Methods' series is intended for advanced undergraduates, postgraduates and established research scientists. Titles in the series are designed to cover current important areas of research in life sciences, and include both theoretical background and detailed protocols. The aim is to...

    Published August 1st 2002 by Garland Science

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