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Book Series

Public Administration and Public Policy

Series Editor: David H. Rosenbloom

New and Published Books

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  1. Performance-Based Management Systems

    Effective Implementation and Maintenance

    By Patria de Lancer Julnes

    Series: Public Administration and Public Policy

    Expectations for performance management systems continue to grow in the public sector. Yet few administrators know how to effectively implement and sustain these systems. Performance-Based Management Systems: Effective Implementation and Maintenance supports practical efforts to build and maintain...

    Published December 21st 2008 by Auerbach Publications

  2. Handbook of Governmental Accounting

    Edited by Frederic Bogui

    Series: Public Administration and Public Policy

    Demystifying a growing and dynamic field, Handbook of Governmental Accounting reflects the increasing complexity of this area, enabling readers to grasp the intricate accounting that is involved as government expenditures multiply and governments engage in progressively complex transactions....

    Published December 18th 2008 by CRC Press

  3. Contracting for Services in State and Local Government Agencies

    By William Sims Curry

    Series: Public Administration and Public Policy

    The First Complete Contracting Reference/ Textbook for State and Local Agencies Federal contracting officials have a comprehensive resource in the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) to guide them through the arduous contracting process; however, until now there has been no such counterpart for...

    Published November 4th 2008 by CRC Press

  4. Understanding Research Methods

    A Guide for the Public and Nonprofit Manager

    By Donijo Robbins

    Series: Public Administration and Public Policy

    Managers and administrators in the public-policy and nonprofit sectors rely heavily on analytical skills to quickly pore through a massive amount of research. They dissect it and apply specific, useful data that can inform critical policy changes and help them improve their organization’s overall...

    Published October 27th 2008 by CRC Press

  5. International Handbook of Public Procurement

    Edited by Khi V. Thai

    Series: Public Administration and Public Policy

    Since the 1990s, government at all levels is under increasing pressure to do more with less. However, despite the U.S. government spending about 15 to 20 percent of its GDP on contracts for goods and services, there is a paucity of reference books for public procurement officials and very few...

    Published August 27th 2008 by Auerbach Publications

  6. State and Local Pension Fund Management

    By Jun Peng

    Series: Public Administration and Public Policy

    Intense media coverage of the public pension funding crisis continues to fuel heightened awareness in and debate over public pension benefits. With over $3 trillion in assets currently under management, the ramifications of poor oversight are severe. It is important that practitioners, researchers,...

    Published August 20th 2008 by Auerbach Publications

  7. Business Improvement Districts

    Research, Theories, and Controversies

    Edited by Goktug Morcol, Lorlene Hoyt, Jack W. Meek, Ulf Zimmermann

    Series: Public Administration and Public Policy

    Initiated and governed by property or business owners under the authorization of state and local governments, business improvement districts (BIDs) have received a very mixed reception. To some, they are innovative examples of self-governance and public-private partnerships; to others, they are yet...

    Published April 20th 2008 by Auerbach Publications

  8. Handbook of Employee Benefits and Administration

    By Christopher G. Reddick, Jerrell D. Coggburn

    Series: Public Administration and Public Policy

    Fiscal realities and changing social priorities are requiring a dramatic shift in the way that benefits are selected and awarded to employees, especially in the public sector. This means that public administrators and policy researchers must consider new parameters and contingencies, both financial...

    Published April 8th 2008 by CRC Press

  9. Handbook of Long-Term Care Administration and Policy

    Edited by Cynthia Massie Mara, Laura Olson

    Series: Public Administration and Public Policy

    Attitudes toward long-term care contain a strong residue of negativity in today’s society and current problems with the system augment such perceptions. Unless dealt with now, this will only get worse, as the 85-and-older crowd is the fastest growing part of the population, and the first wave of...

    Published March 26th 2008 by CRC Press

  10. Government Budget Forecasting

    Theory and Practice

    Edited by Jinping Sun, Thomas D. Lynch

    Series: Public Administration and Public Policy

    Revenue and expenditure forecasting plays an important role in public budgeting and financial management, particularly during times of financial constraint, when citizens impose greater accountability upon government to use taxpayer dollars more efficiently. Despite its significance, revenue and...

    Published March 25th 2008 by Auerbach Publications

Forthcoming Books

  1. Living Legends and Full Agency: Implications of Repealing the Combat Exclusion Policy
    By G.L.A. Harris
    To Be Published October 17th 2014
  2. Digital Divides: The New Challenges and Opportunities of e-Inclusion
    Edited by Kim J. Andreasson
    To Be Published January 28th 2015
  3. Creating Public Value in Practice: Advancing the Common Good in a Multi-Sector, Shared-Power, No-One-Wholly-in-Charge World
    Edited by John M. Bryson, Barbara C. Crosby, Laura Bloomberg
    To Be Published February 6th 2015
  4. Sustainable Development and Human Security in Africa: Governance as the Missing Link
    Edited by Louis A. Picard, Terry F. Buss, Taylor B. Seybolt, Macrina Lelei
    To Be Published February 15th 2015
  5. Development and the Politics of Human Rights
    Edited by Scott Nicholas Romaniuk, Marguerite Marlin
    To Be Published February 15th 2015
  6. Public Administration: A Comparative Perspective, Seventh Edition
    By Mario A. Rivera, Bruce J. Perlman, Marc Holzer
    To Be Published March 1st 2015
  7. Public Administration and Policy in the Caribbean
    Edited by Indianna D. Minto-Coy, Evan Berman
    To Be Published March 15th 2015
  8. Cost and Optimization in Government: An Introduction to Cost Accounting, Operations Management, and Quality Control, Second Edition
    By Aman Khan
    To Be Published March 26th 2015
  9. Democracy and Civil Society in a Global Era
    Edited by Scott Nicholas Romaniuk, Marguerite Marlin
    To Be Published April 1st 2015
  10. The Constitutional School of American Public Administration
    Edited by Stephanie Newbold, David H. Rosenbloom
    To Be Published April 15th 2015

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