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  1. Enzymes in Food Technology

    Edited by Robert J. Whitehurst, Barry A. Law

    Series: Sheffield Food Technology

    Enzymes in Food Technology offers an overview of the rapidly expanding field of enzyme applications in food technology. It discusses the widespread use of enzymes in food processing improvement and innovation and explains the benefit of enzymes. The material focuses on enzymes that are produced,...

    Published June 15th 2012 by Blackwell

  2. Food Flavour Technology

    Edited by Andrew J. Taylor

    Series: Sheffield Food Technology

    Flavour creation has always been an art, but there is an increasing scientific and technological basis behind the various parts of the process. Food Flavour Technology presents the scientific and technical principles that underpin the industry and that are used increasingly by industrialists and...

    Published June 15th 2012 by Blackwell

  3. Fats in Food Technology

    Edited by Kanes K Rajah

    Series: Sheffield Food Technology

    Fats in Food Technology presents an overview at the professional and research level of the uses and technologies of fats in a broad range of foodstuffs. In addition to the coverage of animal and vegetable fats, the book considers added milk fat, dairy fat, and butter....

    Published December 20th 2001 by Blackwell

  4. Technology of Cheesemaking

    Edited by Barry A. Law

    Series: Sheffield Food Technology

    This is a guide to the current science utilized in the manufacture of hard, semi-soft, and soft cheeses. Emphasis is placed on the integration of technology and technique as well as research developments likely to have a commercial impact on the processTechnology of Cheesemaking discusses the...

    Published December 20th 1999 by Blackwell

  5. Environmental Contaminants in Food

    Edited by Colin Moffat, Kevin J. Whittle

    Series: Sheffield Food Technology

    Written by respected scientists from around the world, Environmental Contaminants in Food presents examples of research activities devoted to ensuring that the input of contaminants into foods is minimized. Chapters detail methods of modern instrumental analysis with specific analytes, with risk...

    Published March 29th 1999 by Blackwell

  6. Natural Toxicants in Food

    A manual for Experimental Foods, Dietetics and Food Scientists

    Edited by David H. Watson

    Series: Sheffield Food Technology

    Natural toxicants, for which there is no standard definition, are generally understood to be chemicals with potentially toxic effects on human beings as a result of their natural occurrence in food. Natural Toxicants in Food covers areas of current interest related to naturally occurring toxicants...

    Published March 19th 1998 by Blackwell

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