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Book Series

Central Asia Research Forum

Series Editor: Shirin Akiner

Central Asia Research Forum is a series designed to present cutting-edge research on the Central Asia region spanning the whole of the social sciences.

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  1. Tajikistan

    The Trials of Independence

    By Shirin Akiner, Mohammad-Reza Djalili, Frederic Grare

    Series: Central Asia Research Forum

    Since its independence in 1991 Tajikistan has suffered a painful series of political crises followed by a civil war, still continuing, whose repercussions extend far beyond its borders. This work examines the causes of the turmoil, and analyses, through the case of Tajikistan, social and political...

    Published January 27th 1998 by Routledge

  2. Qaidu and the Rise of the Independent Mongol State In Central Asia

    By Michal Biran

    Series: Central Asia Research Forum

    Qaidu (1236-1301), one of the great rebels in the history of the Mongol Empire, was the grandson of Ogedei, the son Genghis Khan had chosen to be his heir. This boof recounts the dynastic convolutions and power struggle leading up to his rebellion and subsequent events....

    Published December 11th 1997 by Routledge

  3. Uzbekistan on the Threshold of the Twenty-First Century

    Tradition and Survival

    By Islam Karimov

    Series: Central Asia Research Forum

    This new study by its president of Uzbekistan's special opportunities and challenges as it faces the 21st century will be of interest to strategists, politicians and students of the post-Soviet climate....

    Published September 22nd 1997 by Routledge