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  1. Cultural Diversity in the Armed Forces

    An International Comparison

    Edited by Joseph L. Soeters, Jan Van der Meulen

    Series: Cass Military Studies

    This volume explores ethnicity and gender developments in relation to the military. In some countries, the armed forces have a long history in responding to ethnic diversity, while elsewhere it has come up only recently as a policy issue. An even-handed representation of ethnic minorities in the...

    Published January 29th 2009 by Routledge

  2. Civil-Military Relations in Europe

    Learning from Crisis and Institutional Change

    Edited by Hans Born, Marina Caparini, Karl Haltiner, Jürgen Kuhlmann

    Series: Cass Military Studies

    This new book illustrates how democracy cannot develop or endure unless military and security forces are under the full control of democratic institutions, and all the necessary safeguards, checks and balances are in place. The contributors show how contemporary European states manage...

    Published January 29th 2009 by Routledge

  3. Strategic Culture and Ways of War

    By Lawrence Sondhaus

    Series: Cass Military Studies

    A much-needed survey and synopsis of literature on strategic culture and ways of war. It clearly shows how national strategies and approaches to warfare are, to a significant extent, culturally determined. The concept of national ‘ways of war’ dates from the 1930s, when Basil H. Liddell Hart...

    Published January 29th 2009 by Routledge

  4. Social Sciences and the Military

    An Interdisciplinary Overview

    Edited by Giuseppe Caforio

    Series: Cass Military Studies

    This innovative book presents the reader with a clear international view of interdisciplinary and intradisciplinary approaches to military and conflict-resolution studies. In this first title on its subject, leading expert Giuseppe Caforio offers a thorough analysis of the new aspects and trends of...

    Published January 29th 2009 by Routledge

  5. Military Honour and the Conduct of War

    From Ancient Greece to Iraq

    By Paul Robinson

    Series: Cass Military Studies

    This study presents the first examination of the influence of ideas of honour on the causes, conduct and ending of wars from Ancient Greece to the present day. Paul Robinson begins with a theoretical examination of the concept of honour, to clearly explain the many contradictions and tensions...

    Published January 29th 2009 by Routledge

  6. Modernity, the Media and the Military

    The Creation of National Mythologies on the Western Front 1914-1918

    By John F. Williams

    Series: Cass Military Studies

    This new volume explores the history of an important, but neglected sector of the Western Front between 1914 and 1918 in the context of its portrayal in the media. The analysis sheds new light on of the role of the mass media in generating national mythologies. The book focuses on the largely...

    Published December 4th 2008 by Routledge

  7. War and Media Operations

    The US Military and the Press from Vietnam to Iraq

    By Thomas Rid

    Series: Cass Military Studies

    This is the first academic analysis of the role of embedded media in the 2003 Iraq War, providing a concise history of US military public affairs management since Vietnam. In late summer 2002, the Pentagon considered giving the press an inside view of the upcoming invasion of Iraq. The decision was...

    Published February 14th 2007 by Routledge

  8. Military Industry and Regional Defense Policy

    India, Iraq and Israel

    By Timothy D. Hoyt

    Series: Cass Military Studies

    Military Industry and Regional Defense Policy re-examines military industrialization in the developing world, focusing on policy-making in producer states and the impact of security perceptions on such policy-making. Timothy D. Hoyt reassesses the role of regional state sub-systems in...

    Published September 20th 2006 by Routledge

  9. Gender and the Military

    Women in the Armed Forces of Western Democracies

    By Helena Carreiras

    Series: Cass Military Studies

    This is the first comparative, cross-national study of the participation of women in the armed forces of NATO countries. Along side an analysis of this key topic stands a critique of existing theoretical models and the proposal of a revised analytical framework. Unlike previous works...

    Published August 16th 2006 by Routledge

  10. Managing Defence in a Democracy

    Edited by Laura R. Cleary, Teri McConville

    Series: Cass Military Studies

    Although each state is unique it is possible to identify certain common problems and issues with respect to defence governance and management. Governance and Management of Defence is a unique introduction to all the key principles of governance and management through the clear identification of...

    Published June 28th 2006 by Routledge