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Contemporary Food Science

Series Editor: Fergus M. Clydesdale

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  1. Interdisciplinary Food Safety Research

    Edited by Neal H. Hooker, Elsa A. Murano

    Series: Contemporary Food Science

    Recently there has been a growing awareness of the need to conduct sound and inclusive interdisciplinary research in key academic and applied areas. Interdisciplinary Food Safety Research answers the increasing calls to better understand and analyze the impact of food safety efforts. By collecting...

    Published March 7th 2001 by CRC Press

  2. Food, Consumers, and the Food Industry

    Catastrophe or Opportunity?

    By Gordon W. Fuller

    Series: Contemporary Food Science

    During the past, there have been many changes in food availability, production and selection around the world. These changes, such as genetically modified foods, raise questions about their long-range implications. How will they affect the worldwide economics and management of agriculture? food...

    Published January 28th 2001 by CRC Press

  3. Bread Staling

    Edited by Pavinee Chinachoti, Yael Vodovotz

    Series: Contemporary Food Science

    The role of starch, gluten, lipids, water, and other components in bread staling is a subject of continual study using advanced analytical methodologies and sophisticated multidisciplinary approaches. Significant recent progress has been made in the fundamental understanding of the events leading...

    Published September 27th 2000 by CRC Press

  4. Food Shelf Life Stability

    Chemical, Biochemical, and Microbiological Changes

    Edited by Michael Eskin, David S. Robinson

    Series: Contemporary Food Science

    Food Shelf Life Stability provides a unique approach to understanding this critical subject by examining physical, chemical, and biochemical factors affecting food quality. The first section emphasizes the effects that water activity, glass transition, and plasticization have on temperature, water...

    Published September 18th 2000 by CRC Press

  5. Antioxidant Status, Diet, Nutrition, and Health

    Edited by Andreas M. Papas

    Series: Contemporary Food Science

    This is the first book to integrate the biological, nutritional, and health aspects of antioxidant status. Fifty contributors integrate and transfer the knowledge of free radicals and antioxidants from the test tube to the laboratory of the biologist, clinical nutritionist, and medical researcher,...

    Published September 16th 1998 by CRC Press

  6. Getting the Most Out of Your Consultant

    A Guide to Selection Through Implementation

    By Gordon W. Fuller

    Series: Contemporary Food Science

    Consultants are a dominant force in the business world. At their best, they can pinpoint a company's shortcomings and suggest improvements-but many executives and managers do not know how to work with consultants in the most efficient and profitable ways.Let a corporate executive-turned-advisor...

    Published July 12th 1998 by CRC Press

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