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  1. Integrated Product and Process Design and Development

    The Product Realization Process, Second Edition

    By Edward B. Magrab, Satyandra K. Gupta, F. Patrick McCluskey, Peter Sandborn

    Series: Environmental & Energy Engineering

    Since the publication of the first edition of Integrated Product and Process Design and Development: The Product Realization Process more than a decade ago, the product realization process has undergone a number of significant changes. Reflecting these advances, this second edition presents a...

    Published July 28th 2009 by CRC Press

  2. High Temperature Air Combustion

    From Energy Conservation to Pollution Reduction

    By Hiroshi Tsuji, Ashwani K. Gupta, Toshiaki Hasegawa, Masashi Katsuki, Ken Kishimoto, Mitsunobu Morita

    Series: Environmental & Energy Engineering

    Maximize efficiency and minimize pollution: the breakthrough technology of high temperature air combustion (HiTAC) holds the potential to overcome the limitations of conventional combustion and allow engineers to finally meet this long-standing imperative. Research has shown that HiTAC technology...

    Published December 3rd 2002 by CRC Press

  3. Advances in Chemical Propulsion

    Science to Technology

    Edited by Gabriel D. Roy

    Series: Environmental & Energy Engineering

    Complex, vast, and multidisciplinary, chemical propulsion has been the subject of extensive investigation over the past few decades. Under the leadership of Gabriel Roy, this has been particularly true at the Office of Naval Research (ONR), where his team has focused on the three primary goals of...

    Published October 25th 2001 by CRC Press

  4. Enclosure Fire Dynamics

    By Bjorn Karlsson, James Quintiere

    Series: Environmental & Energy Engineering

    The increasing complexity of technological solutions to both fire safety design issues and fire safety regulations demand higher levels of training and continuing education for fire protection engineers. Historical precedents on how to deal with fire hazards in new or unusual buildings are seldom...

    Published September 28th 1999 by CRC Press

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